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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ticking away, the moments of 2010

Blogging tunes: Howard Stern - 1/28/2010, 2/1/2010

Other than the fact that I haven't been able to see Heather -- she got strep throat and can't visit until tomorrow -- this holiday week has been pretty good.  I've been feeling progressively better throughout the week and my counts have been coming up BIG over the last few days.  That's huuuuuge.

The only bad news is that from the preliminary low-res scans, it doesn't look like my brother is going to be a BMT match.  That means we'll probably need to use the database and look for an unrelated marrow donor.  Speaking of which, it looks like there's an all day Marrow Drive at Salesforce on 1/6/11 at One Cal.  Salesforce employees reading this blog: please spread the word.  How incredible would it be if a SF sfdc employee was a match for me?  For more info, please reach out to Charles Gutro, Kirsten Wolberg, or Benji Jasik.

I'm also still having a tough time maintaining my weight.  I'm eating as much as I can, but as of today, I'm down to 140lb (from 165 in October), and if I'm not careful, my wedding ring slips right off my ring finger.  As I type this, it's on my index finger for safe keeping.

Shifting gears, I know the Northeast got pounded this past weekend with crazy snow (we'll discuss the Iggles in a bit), but it's been pretty nutty here as well.  Two nights ago, crazy rain and winds caused a neighbor's tree to topple down into our yard taking some wires with it.  Heather saw fireworks in the trees and called 911 and PG&E.  Our house was without power for a few hours, but the rest of the neighborhood was dark for 24 hours!  Here are a couple pics of the East part of the yard:

Yesterday, the rain finally stopped and the views from my room have been spectacular:

There was even a rainbow yesterday morning:

This was/is also a week of visitors.  I've gotten visits from Brown, IanG, Tripp, and jmomo.  jmomo (JoshM/UncleBruce), my good friend and long-time co-host of the Time Machine radio show at vSide, took my lappie and iPad and got me all upgraded.  My iPad was running the old OS, and the network here was too spotty to download/upgrade the new one.

Tripp came by on Tuesday night for that pathetic Eagles game against the Vikings.  Raffi was gonna come, but came down with a cold.  With the #2 seed in their sites, the Eagles laid a big fat egg and are now locked into the #3 seed, which means that (hopefully) they will rest everyone in the final (meaningless) game against the Cowgirls so they can get ready for the playoffs.  If my counts keep going up, and I stay healthy, I could be home for wildcard weekend!  After watching games on the 13" screen in my room and via slingbox on my iPad, watching football in HD will be so sweet.  Go Birds!

Later today, I was supposed to see Sinead (from Kezar Pub) but she came down with a cold.  Not to be outdone, my morning visitor had to cancel because she picked up something too.  Ya gotta be 100% healthy or they won't let you in.  

Mickey (sfdc) is coming by around lunchtime with a few more movies for me.  This week, I watched Terminator 2, 3, and 4; The Living Matrix (a documentary on the new science of healing); and Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii.  Heather has a crush on young David Gilmour.  Here ya go, honey:

Yesterday, I had my second accu-pressure massage from Jnani.  She's absolutely awesome.  I'm going to get them every Wednesday until I get outta here -- which will hopefully be only one more week!

I've also been reading a great book on my Kindle called The Last Lecture.  Brad, Jordan, and the sfdc T3 crew bought be a Kindle and an Amazon gift cert last month, and I'm finally starting to use it.  The Last Lecture, though, was a gift from one of the nurses at St. Mary's.  Thanks, Judy!  You can check it out on Amazon here.

Lastly, Floyd continues to have a blast with gramma in Massachusetts.  Yesterday, they went to the Science Museum and met my good friends Scott and Doug and their kids.  Gramma didn't take too many pics, but here's one from the museum:

and one of him vacuuming (a pre-req to his getting to go to the museum):

Oh, and here's a pic of baby-O trying to eat some pizza crust:

and then cracking a smile:

We still have a long, long way to go here, gang, but things are looking up.  So have a great New Year's and think positive healthy thoughts for you, your family, and of course, me.  :)

I will kick its ass,


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas time at UCSF - a good week

Blogging tunes: Air - Talkie Walkie; 10kHz Legend

I guess it's been a long time since I've posted.  Not to worry!  Things have actually gotten progressively better this week -- I just haven't found a comfortable way to use the laptop (until now) and the iPad just isn't great for writing long passages.  I know, that's kind of a sorry excuse, so I'll make up for it with an extra long Christmas post.

So first thing's first.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone reading this blog.  I know I sound like a broken record, but the love and support you all have shown to Heather and me has been simply incredible.  I'm sure the good karma is coming back your way and you're all having a healthy and happy holiday.

Much has happened since my last post.  For starters, they moved me across the hall (from 1118 Long to 1156 Long).  Apparently, the ventilation system needed some repairs in 1118. Makes sense.  It was definitely stuffy in there, even with the fan on.  1156 has North facing windows -- the view is absolutely spectacular.  Here are some pics from my crappy BB camera.  Click on an image for higher res.  Can you see the Golden Gate Bridge?

My appetite is slowly returning, and I'm able to eat a few more foods.  Last night I ate all of my cheese ravioli!  If you've never had chemo, you can't possibly understand this, but imagine your favorite foods in the world tasting like cardboard.  That's what can happen post-chemo and it totally sucks.  I've lost over 20 pounds since this whole thing started (was closer to 25 but I put a few pounds back on in the last couple days) and it's really important that I don't lose any more.

Other than food challenges, things are going well.  My counts aren't up yet, but they're not supposed to be, so that's fine.  I seem to have more and more energy each day, and my head's in a pretty good place about everything that's happened and the next steps.  Speaking of which, we do not yet know if my brother is a match.  We'll find out on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Next week should be pretty uneventful, so drop me a line if you want to schedule a visit. :)

Music has become a bigger and bigger part of my spirit recovery.  My good buddy Lou (LLB) sent me a little WD drive with a bunch of music on it -- thanks, Lou!  (Even if you forgot Fall Phish!)  :)

Listening to both new and old music with the QC-15s (Thanks Sam/Lucy/Adam/Mary!) can be extremely theraputic:

Next, there are some amazing volunteers here.  This awesome woman, Ann, who is a cancer survivor herself, came to visit me a couple days ago.  She just wanted to spread some holiday cheer and see how I was doing:

We talked for about an hour about all sorts things, and, on top of all that, she gave me an awesome quilt that she made herself!  What a way to brighten up the room:

Heather also found an amazing woman to come give me an accu-pressure massage.  She was absolutely terrific not only with the accu-pressure and the physical stuff, but her mind-body-spirit was exactly what I needed.  She's had over 30 years experience doing this stuff as well as major experience with caner patients.  We really connected -- hoping to see her once a week.

Now all the while, Floyd has been in Massachusetts with Gramma and Grampa (Heather's folks).  Heather's mom writes us these "Floyd-o-grams" just about every day.  What's a Floyd-o-gram?  It's an email written by Gramma as if it were from Floyd.  For example, here's a snippet from one a few days ago:

Today we had the dishwasher repairman come.  Gramma gave me a chair so I could watch and give him instructions if he needed them.  He was so fast that he didn't even need my help.
She always includes pics of whatever's going on too. e.g.

Here's one more snippet and pic:

I helped Gramma make a date nut bread to take with us today.  Gramma cut up dates, and I kept asking her to give me a prune.  She said it wasn't a prune.  Finally she let me eat a real prune and then I knew it was different.  I wanted more prunes but she wouldn't give me anymore.  Hmmm, wonder why not...
I broke the eggs for her and did a really good job.  She asked me to help stir the batter, but it looked really weird so I said no thank you to that idea.

While we're doing pictures of Floyd, the other day, Uncle Jeremy (Heather's brother), Autie Kara (his wife), Floyd, and Grampa went on a little hike.  Here are some pics that Jeremy sent:

That last one is titled "Evil Grampa" -- he does look a bit dia-boe-lick'll, doesn't he?

With Floyd in Massachusetts and awesome friends minding Orion most days, Heather's been able to come visit me a lot this week.  Daytime visits are a lot better all around.  Yesterday, we pulled the shades and watched Inception on my laptop (Thanks, Mickey!)

I had never seen it before -- what an amazing movie.  I thought the top was beginning to teeter at the end.  You?

At some point this week, I'll probably watch Trading Places.  Gotta watch that movie once a year between Christmas and New Years, you know?  I'll also probably watch some of the MIA/LAL game.  I don't really care about pro basketball, but that's a pretty good match up.  More excited to watch the Cowgirls lose tonight and see the Iggles clinch on Sunday.  Of course, if the Giants lose to Green Bay -- which they probably will -- Eagles will have clinched the Division before they even take the field against the hapless Vikings.  Still the #2 seed is possible, so let's keep winning, boys!

Unrelated, one of the bummers about being here so long (during the holidays) is that I missed all the holiday parties.  Cyndi Lauper played at the Salesforce holiday party -- really wanted to go to that.  And two close friends had parties that I really wanted to attend.  Alas, getting better is more important.  Folks at Dave and Laura's party signed a card for me.  Dave (who's a die-hard SF Giants fan) even gave me some R2C2 props.  Thanks ya, beeks.  Sorry, it's a little blurry:

Once again, Happy Holidays to all!

I will kick its ass,


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twas the Tues before xmas

Blogging Tunes: Bob Marley - Legend

It's been several days since the intensive "chemo round 2" finished -- so how am I feeling?

It's actually pretty hard to quantify.  There's a reason this is a one-month stay and not a two-week stay: the weeks following the chemo can be pretty rough.  My counts are still extremely low which is good in terms of how I responded to the chemo, but it also means I'm extremely weak and tired most of the time.

I'm definitely better than last week, but I still have very little appetite.  All I'm able to really eat is cereal with milk, and sometimes peaches and cottage cheese.  Everything else just makes me nauseous.  Now, you may think the latter sounds gross, but when I was a little kid, P&C is all I ate.  I was the strangest little kid when it came to food.  One time, we when out to a Chinese restaurant, and my parents actually had the restaurant arrange the peaches and cottage cheese as if it were a real dish that came from the kitchen.  Funny stuff.

Obviously the highlight of the weekend was the Miracle at the New Meadowlands.  Even if you're not a football fan, you gotta read about this one.  With 8 minutes left in the game, the Eagles trailed the Giants 31-10 and the rest is history.

I watched the first quarter with my brother.  He and my niece (Lauren) came to visit from 12/15 to 12/19.

They stayed at our new house in San Rafael.  Lauren was bummed that Floyd wasn't around -- Floyd is staying with his Gramma in Massachusetts at the moment -- but she really took to Orion.

How friggin cute are they?  Dave got HLA-typed (to see if he's a bone marrow match for me)... we'll know in about a week.  Blood siblings have a 25% chance of being a match.  If he's not a match, we'll have to search the database for a match.  If you want to throw your hat in the ring, just go to -- it looks pretty simple.

What else... oh, the gave me a stationary bike (Spinning).  I've been riding for 15 minutes twice a day.  Usually wrecks me, but I need the exercise.

Want to visit?  It's gonna be a pretty lonely next couple of weeks, so if you want to visit, drop me an email or text and let's figure out a time.  Jimmy (from Doppelganger) came by yesterday (unannounced) -- it was great to see ya, buddy, but you definitely lucked out timing-wise.  I would hate for someone to come all the way over here, and then, for whatever reason, I'm unavailable.

Lastly, I want to point out that I'm leaving out a lot details that I don't think any of you really want to hear.  Feel free to comment on this post and tell me if you want more (not so pretty) info, or if this is the right level of update.

Hope to see some of you soon.  For everyone else, have a great holiday and new year.  And, of course, GO EAGLES!

I will kick its ass,


Friday, December 17, 2010

Kezar Banner upload attempt

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Kick it's fuckin ass!

Day 8 in UCSF

Blogging Tunes: Phish 10/29/10 - Set II

I won't lie... This week has been really tough. Extreme nausea, fatigue, no appetite, you name it. I just haven't had the energy to post. I want to thank everyone for all the commented on my last post... It really means a lot.

Strangely, I can't seem to get my laptop online, but the iPad is working well. Now we'll just have to see if I can post a pic from the iPad. Crap, it doesn't look like it. I'll research a little. The sinus thing continues to be serious. They need to watch that closely, but so far we think it's under control.

The good news is that I'm done with the second round of chemo (intense ARA-C) and it seems to be working. I guess that means I'm one step closer to remission. We'll have wait and see.

My brother and my niece are visiting this week. He just got typed for a bone marrow match, so we'll know in a couple weeks.

What else? Floyd is in Mass with Gramma and Grampa. Gramma's sent some cute pics, but of course I can't post them.

Big Eagles game this Sunday, and I actually think it's on regular TV out here. Go Birds. Go Cliff Lee. Go Flyers!!

OK, ima sign off for now. I'll try to email one pic to see if it works.



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Super quick update

Day 4 of 5 of intense chemo round 2 is wrecking me. My counts are crazy low. They gave me two units of blood yesterday, but I need two more today.

After the 5th day, I'll apparently continue to feel like shit for another week. The good news is that it seems to be working (touch wood). It's just really rough having no energy. Even blog posts take up too much energy, hence this post from my BB.

Trying to keep my spirits up (Eagles winning, Cliff Lee signing, and Angry Birds help) but it's challenging. Please keep sending the positive messages. I definitely need it now.

Much love to all.



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Saturday, December 11, 2010

UCSF impressions and update

Blogging tunes: Howard Stern - 1/19/10

So the first round of chemo didn't achieve a remission. Remission is necessary before we can attempt a bone marrow transplant. Soooooo... That means that we'll be starting another round of chemo today. It also means that I'll be here (at UCSF - on "11 Long") for another *month*. That means no Salesforce holiday party or any other parties (sorry Brown, Dietz.) Heck, that means no Xmas or new years (at home) either. Sigh.

The reality is, of course, that none of that matters. Only thing that matters is my getting better (and the Eagles' making the playoffs.)

In other news, we decided to send Floyd back to Massachusetts with Gramma for a couple weeks. He loves it out there, and this will give Heather a well-deserved break. They flew back on the red-eye last night.

Now, let's talk about UCSF vs. St. Mary's. What's a good analogy... Flyers vs. Leafs? Phils vs. Nats? These might be too generous. Probably more like Spurs vs. your high school basketball team. This isn't about busting on St. Mary's -- it's about giving props to UCSF. More happened here in the first 30 hours of my stay, than would typically happen in 3 or 4 days at St. Mary's. From Thursday morning at 9am through Friday afternoon, I received:

- a bone marrow biopsy
- two CT scans
- an MRI
- a sinus evaluation
- a PICC line
- a chest xray

Speaking of which, time for another scan. More later.

I will kick its ass,


Thursday, December 9, 2010

UCSF appt turns into UCSF stay

Well, at least I had one full day at home. The problem is, I was having fevers and sweats -- no good.
Based on everything that's going on with me (and the fact that my white counts are still low) they want to admit me and keep me here for "probably about a week".

Also found out that my chromosomes are bad which means a BMT (bone marrow transplant) is likely the only chance of a cure. Dave, let's pray that we're a match. It's a 25% chance. We'll talk about process later.
Somehow, some way, iwkia,


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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Blogging tunes: Pink Floyd - The Wall

So I've been home for approximately 24 hours.  What a transition!  I don't even know where to start.  Heather is nothing short of a miracle worker.  The place looks absolutely incredible.  I know she didn't do it all herself, so I want to extend huge thanks to everyone who helped.

While it was wonderful to be in my own bed (100x more comfortable than the hospital bed), last night was a little rough.  I had some mild fevers, which are scary, because if we can't get them down, I'd need to go back to the hospital.  Fortunately, Tylenol and lots of sweats did the trick, I was able to sleep pretty well, and woke up feeling about as good as yesterday.

I want to briefly highlight a few of the amazing things I've experienced since I got home.  Most of this is a testament to you, my amazing friends.

First and foremost.... The Piano!  Over 80 people contributed to the piano fund that Heather set up so she could surprise me by having a piano in the house when I got home.  Video coming later, but here's what it looks like.  You can even see a reflection of the backyard right on the front face of the piano.

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed and special thanks to Laurie Pitman who helped pick it out.  The banner says, "let there be songs to fill the air... to John with love and affection from your family and friends autumn 2010."  Click the image for a larger size so you can kinda see the list of folks who contributed.

Also, see that big check on the dining room table (above)?  That's the excess of the piano fund -- almost $1900 -- which we're donating (on all of your behalf) to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.  Below, see me signing the check:

Next, I want to call out a couple very special people who sent very special presents to the new house.  Without question, top billing goes to Doug, Jessica, Jordan, and Cooper Simon who got me a signed Jeff Carter jersey.  It's not just the Jersey, and it's not just what Jeff wrote.  It's the fact that Jeff will likely be on the Flyers for 11 years to come, and the implication I will be wearing it for that many years to come (and more).  Thanks, Doug, absolutely brilliant!

Next, hats off to Lou (LLB) for an incredible musical present.  I had asked Lou to send me a DVD with the mp3s of fall Phish tour.  Instead, he sent a little external drive with all kinds of music on it, plus killer iPod speakers (which we sorely need for our bedroom).  Thanks, Lou.  You da man.

I also want to publicly thank Heather's mom for coming out here over the last week.  I don't know how Heather would have been able to accomplish all that she did without her help... so thanks, Diana.  It means a ton to me.

Lastly, a huge shout out to my monkiest monkey for her brilliant idea to knock out a huge window between the living room and the kitchen.  Now I can sit on the couch and see a redwood tree.  How the previous owners lived here with a full wall there is just unimaginable.  Here's a pic:

It's been an incredible home-coming on so many levels.  Thanks again to everyone who helped contribute.  When we have the house setup a little better, and I'm further along in my recovery, we'll have a real house-warming party.

So happy times for sure, but no rest for the weary.  I have an 8am appointment at UCSF tomorrow morning to get a bone marrow biopsy and for them to figure out the next phase(s) of my treatment.  Round and round we go.

I will kick its ass,


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Final Countdown

Blogging Tunes: Howard Stern - 1/19/10

About 4 weeks ago, I had a craving for Pop Tarts -- no idea where it came from.  So Charles brought me some Strawberry and Blueberry Muffin flavored frosted Pop Tarts.  By the time he brought them, though, the craving had passed, and then my appetite started to disappear.

Fast forward to 6:45a PT today.  As I sit down to compose my final blog entry from St. Mary's, there's an absolutely gorgeous San Francisco sunrise starting.  Here's a view of the fog layer before the sun made its appearance:

and a few minutes later:

My Blackberry camera really doesn't do these pictures any kind of justice, but trust me, the view is simply spectacular. Click here for some real pictures of San Francisco sunrises (via flickr).

Anyway, I had the nurse bring me a milk, and I busted into the Pop Tarts this morning :)

Haven't had one in I-don't-know-how-many years.  Yummmmm!

Anyway, it looks like they are going to spring me at noon!  I can't believe it -- I've been here for so long.  So I gotta get some stuff together as I'm sure doctors are going to start popping in left and right.  Before I do, though, I wanted to share a few pictures from Heather and Floyd's visit yesterday.  Yep, in addition to visiting Saturday, they came by Monday after Acrosports (an activity that Floyd still does in the city through the end of the month).

We even went outside for a few minutes.  First time I'd been outside in a month!  Damn.

Big hug!

Look at the camera, buddy!

So if all goes well, my next blog entry will be authored from our new house in San Rafael.

Before I press "publish," I want to recognize a few very special people here at St. Mary's.  Overall, the staff has been very good.  I've probably had 20 different nurses, and with the exception of one or two, they are all good.  Still, there are always a couple standouts and I want to give them props.  So big thanks to the following exceptional nurses: Mary, Regina, Myung Ju (Judy), and Chelsea.  These four brought their A+ game every shift.  Thanks for making my stay a good one.  And of course, mega-props to Cheri, Dr. Bobs, right-hand nurse.

So the plan is: outta here at noon; one day at home; 8am appointment at UCSF Thursday morning.  No rest for the weary.  Thanks for your support everyone.

I will kick its ass,


Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick Morning Morning Update

Blogging Tunes: Grateful Dead - So Many Roads (Discs 4 and 5)

Feeling better today.  No fevers last night, and even the sweats are coming less frequently.  Got a great night sleep which helped a ton.  They gave me something called Restoril and I slept like a baby.  Probably got about 8 hours total (in roughly two 4 hour chunks) between the hours of 8:30p and 6:45a.  Eight hours sleep in a hospital is really something.  Part of it is that thev've switched some of my IV meds to oral, so they don't need to come in as much and hang new IV bags.

My white counts still aren't as high as we'd like, but since the fevers seemed to have stopped (touch wood), I'm really hopeful that I can finally get out of here tomorrow.  If it winds up being Wednesday, that's ok, but since I have an appointment at UCSF Thursday at 8am, I'd really like a full day at home, so we can all start the transition of my being there.  It's been over a month in this place now.  Wow.

Next, I decided I'm not going to go on a rant about what happened yesterday morning.  There's just no point.  I need to look forward every day and start working on my integrated wellness plan.  Every day is about today and tomorrow.  "Yesterday's gone, yessssterday's gone."  I did express my concerns to Both Margie (head nurse) and Kendra (a charge nurse) this morning, and they both agreed wholeheartedly with my points, and my recommendations for action. Hopefully, my experience + feedback will result in better patient care in the future.

The CT scan of my chest revealed that there does seem to be a little of the same fungal stuff in my lungs that were in my sinuses, but it looks very minor, and since I'm responding well to the anti-fungal stuff they're giving me, we should be OK there.

Now for some sports side notes:
  • Bye-bye Jayson.  Glad you got your payday -- have fun playing for a shitty team.
  • Congrats Graeme McDowell!  Incredible putting.  Wah wah Tiger.
  • Amazing football games yesterday with the big AFC East showdown coming tonight.  Hard to believe the Ravens choked like that.  Peyton?  He's been chokin' all season -- Colts are banged up though.  Tampa?  That's a choke.  Where's Marlon?
  • Psyched for Eagles/Cowboys next Sunday night.  Even more psyched to be able to watch it in my own house!
OK, I'm going to start packing.  Well, not really packing... it's just that I've been here for a month -- I got a lotta stuff to get organized, not to mention all the presents/loot I've received :)  There's stuff all over this room.  Heather's going to need a suitcase just so we can get everything outta here.
So cross your fingers, everyone.  The first phase of this is looking like it's finally wrapping up.  Many more phases, challenges, struggles, and hard times ahead, but we'll get there -- one step at a time.

I will kick its ass,


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday: another great visit and a tough night

This Saturday was shaping to be a lot like last Saturday -- a planned visit from the fam!  This time, instead of Heather bringing both kids, Gramma (Heather's mom) stayed home with Orion, so Heather could take Floyd swimming and then head over to St. Mary's.

I felt much better Saturday than Friday... more recovered from the sinus surgery, higher energy, no fever, etc.  So at around 11:15a, they disconnected me, I got dressed, put on my new Eagles touque (thanks, Tripper!) and headed down to the lobby to meet the love of my life and my biggest boy.

This probably sounds like what I said last week, but I just cannot put into words how happy it made me to see Floyd.

It's ironic: when it's 24/7, it often feels like too much; when it's 20-30 minutes a week, it's an absolute blessing.

So another short, successful visit.

Now for the not-so-good.  The sweats are horrible now.  They come every few hours: morning, noon, and night.  The interrupt my rest, they interrupt my sleep.  They are relentless.  It's unclear whether they are a good sign or just part of the deal with leukemia recovery and my sinus infection issues.

Saturday night I chose not to take a sleeping aid -- whereas Friday night I had.  I wanted to see if I could sleep through the night on my own.  I could not.  From about 10p to 6a, I think I slept about 2 hours total.  Maybe it was more like 3.  I soaked through shirts, towels, and sheets.  It came to a head at around 7:10am Sunday.  A wave of sweats came over me and I soaked through everything I had left.

What ensued over the next 30-40 minutes should never be allowed to happen and should be a case study in how hospitals (or maybe it's just St. Mary's) need to improve patient services during "Report" and "Shift Change".  I will wait until I speak to the head nurse (Margie) before posting the details, but it was, without question, the worst 30-40 minutes (in terms of care) I've spent in the hospital since I've been here.  (I know, Benji, I know.)  I took a warm shower and everything was better, but man....

As I conclude this post, the Niners have a 6-0 lead on the Packers.  Not gonna beat the pack by settling for field goals (esp, when you had 2nd and Goal on the 2).  Gonna grab a nap, get my CT scan (chest), and watch some football, and maybe some golf.

I will kick its ass,


Friday, December 3, 2010

Short Friday Update - Still Exhausted

So the sinus surgery on Thursday afternoon really took a lot out of me.  We're hopeful that the fever spikes (yes, I had another episode bad from about 8am to 11:30a today) are "normal post-op fevers" -- well, normal for someone with my immune system.

This morning I felt absolutely horrible.  Hadn't slept, nose and face were uncomfortable, and had zero energy.  I still feel very weak/sluggish, but am a little better since this second fever broke -- hence the quick blog entry.  My red counts are low too, so they gotta give me some blood.  That'll help.  Just trying to catch up on rest and sleep.  No laps today.

Just goes to show, you gotta take this one day at a time.  Tue/Wed and Thu morning were great, but then that surgery hit me like a ton of bricks, and then the fevers hit on top of that.

So, I don't know when I'm getting out of here, and I'm not going to set a date expectation.  Instead, I'm focusing on wellness and positive attitude.  As Fat Sam would say, "When it comes, it comes!"

Lasty, I am 100% off all pain meds ('cept Tylenol).  Side effects were killer.  Hopefully I can stay off them and still achieve the pain-free day I'm shooting for.

I will kick its ass,



Temp back to normal. Big spike - glad it's over. Now we'll just have to see what the Doctors have to say about it.

BTW, forget all that great stuff I said about Norco. After being on it for almost two days straight, I can tell you that it's pretty evil. Been off it for almost a day. I wonder if there was a little Norco withdrawal going on as part of this fever. Hmmmm.

Night-night. (3:50am PT)


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Woah there, horsie. Wontcha please woah?

Vegas odds on a Friday release date just plummeted. Had two successive temps of 38.2 and 38.7 a couple hours ago! Yikes!

Fortunately, some combination of Tylenol, all the positive healing energy certain people are sending, the soothing voice of Peggy Cappy (Relaxation CD), and my own intentions got me to a place where I could sweat some of it out. Last temp: 38.1. More sweats as I type this, so feeling like next temp will be back in normal range. I'll post a quick update when I find out.

Don't know Celcius? Just type 38.7 Celcius into google and it'll do the conversion for you.



P.S. How bout them Iggles? :)
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good dinner, good monkey, good doctor, and surgery?

Blogging Tunes: Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms; Phish - Manchester 10/26/10 Set I

Yesterday was the best day I've had in weeks, and today is even better.  I didn't sleep well last night -- I think I gotta lay off the Norco -- but I still have more energy than I've had since the chemo started.  I'm finally past the nadir.  Counts continue to rise.  This is a good time.  I did 4 laps around the 8th floor (1/2 mile) and probably should have done another 4 later in the day.

Last night, Raffi came by and brought the best dinner I've had since I've been here (sorry, Loftie, that cheesesteak was a little dry).  Sometimes it's the simple things... a huge tub of miso soup from (Grandeho's) Kamekyo.  iPod nano shown for size comparison.

I think I took this pic just after I told Raff that his mask was not only upside-down, but inside-out :)

About an hour after Raffi left, Heather (the best monkey) came to visit.  Hooray!  I was dozing off at the time, but got quickly got a second wind. Of course, she visits me just about every day, but it just felt like there was so much to catch up on -- maybe because my energy was up.  She and the kids have been in the new house for a week and I haven't even up there!  It's gonna be so weird to go "home" to a more-than-half moved in house.  I really can't wait.  Also, her mom arrived yesterday -- she's staying with us for 9 days which is going to be awesome.

Oh man, I wanted to post this before the surgery, but the men in the white coats are coming to take me away (ha ha, hee hee) right now.  They are going to check out (and drain) my left sinus.  Back soon.

 * * * 3 hours later * * * 

OK, surgery done (went fine - more on that later) and I'm woozy, but I want to get this posted, so I'll finish up.

As Heather and I were chatting around 9:45p, Dr.Weber came in!  Talk about burnin' the midnight oil.  He gave Heather and me the complete run-down of where we are and where we're headed.  I was so glad she was here for this explanation

Short version: I could be out of here as early as tomorrow (Friday) if all goes well.  Next step: UCSF appointment on 12/9 to figure out Part B of treatment.

Gotta deal with some post surgery nurse stuff, then need to test some wireless stuff for the Eagles game.  I'm sure this post is littered with typos and continuity problems, but I gotta go.

I will kick its ass,