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Saturday: another great visit and a tough night

This Saturday was shaping to be a lot like last Saturday -- a planned visit from the fam!  This time, instead of Heather bringing both kids, Gramma (Heather's mom) stayed home with Orion, so Heather could take Floyd swimming and then head over to St. Mary's.

I felt much better Saturday than Friday... more recovered from the sinus surgery, higher energy, no fever, etc.  So at around 11:15a, they disconnected me, I got dressed, put on my new Eagles touque (thanks, Tripper!) and headed down to the lobby to meet the love of my life and my biggest boy.

This probably sounds like what I said last week, but I just cannot put into words how happy it made me to see Floyd.

It's ironic: when it's 24/7, it often feels like too much; when it's 20-30 minutes a week, it's an absolute blessing.

So another short, successful visit.

Now for the not-so-good.  The sweats are horrible now.  They come every few hours: morning, noon, and night.  The interrupt my rest, they interrupt my sleep.  They are relentless.  It's unclear whether they are a good sign or just part of the deal with leukemia recovery and my sinus infection issues.

Saturday night I chose not to take a sleeping aid -- whereas Friday night I had.  I wanted to see if I could sleep through the night on my own.  I could not.  From about 10p to 6a, I think I slept about 2 hours total.  Maybe it was more like 3.  I soaked through shirts, towels, and sheets.  It came to a head at around 7:10am Sunday.  A wave of sweats came over me and I soaked through everything I had left.

What ensued over the next 30-40 minutes should never be allowed to happen and should be a case study in how hospitals (or maybe it's just St. Mary's) need to improve patient services during "Report" and "Shift Change".  I will wait until I speak to the head nurse (Margie) before posting the details, but it was, without question, the worst 30-40 minutes (in terms of care) I've spent in the hospital since I've been here.  (I know, Benji, I know.)  I took a warm shower and everything was better, but man....

As I conclude this post, the Niners have a 6-0 lead on the Packers.  Not gonna beat the pack by settling for field goals (esp, when you had 2nd and Goal on the 2).  Gonna grab a nap, get my CT scan (chest), and watch some football, and maybe some golf.

I will kick its ass,



  1. I'm sorry you have to suffer through those sweats, and the staff not on their A game to boot.

    Seeing you with Floyd, and knowing how happy you both are when you're together...

    Sorry, something got in my eye. *sniff* Anyways, yeah I'm shocked too that the 9ers lost in GB. Who saw that coming? To add insult to injury, it seems like we play them every year, to be reminded of the Rodgers v. Smith draft pick choices.

  2. Can't wait to have you home with us!!!

  3. cool hat, dude.
    kick it's tuches :)


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