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Short Friday Update - Still Exhausted

So the sinus surgery on Thursday afternoon really took a lot out of me.  We're hopeful that the fever spikes (yes, I had another episode bad from about 8am to 11:30a today) are "normal post-op fevers" -- well, normal for someone with my immune system.

This morning I felt absolutely horrible.  Hadn't slept, nose and face were uncomfortable, and had zero energy.  I still feel very weak/sluggish, but am a little better since this second fever broke -- hence the quick blog entry.  My red counts are low too, so they gotta give me some blood.  That'll help.  Just trying to catch up on rest and sleep.  No laps today.

Just goes to show, you gotta take this one day at a time.  Tue/Wed and Thu morning were great, but then that surgery hit me like a ton of bricks, and then the fevers hit on top of that.

So, I don't know when I'm getting out of here, and I'm not going to set a date expectation.  Instead, I'm focusing on wellness and positive attitude.  As Fat Sam would say, "When it comes, it comes!"

Lasty, I am 100% off all pain meds ('cept Tylenol).  Side effects were killer.  Hopefully I can stay off them and still achieve the pain-free day I'm shooting for.

I will kick its ass,



  1. Keep the hope man! Suffering is very odd because it's so personal; only you are going through it and it's abstract to everyone else. Yes we have ways to measure, our pain level number systems or even things like a temperature, but in the end it's only you and the feelings. I know you know that I'm just rather lamely attempting to acknowledge I have no real idea what its like, but I sounds awful and I truly hope this passes soon with you healthy and happy on the other side of it.

    Love ya man

  2. "chapeau" for your courage and determination!! You'll definitely kick its ass!!!

    big hugs from Brussels under the snow

    Michele et Michel

  3. Much love from D.C. JayGee... Hope you're feeling better today and it's your first pain free day! I'm wondering when you had the sinus surgery on Thursday did you look at the doc and say "cut me Mick!"? Because I don't think I would've been able to resist if I were you :-)


  4. @Michael Kovacs
    Didn't say it do the doc, but I MMS'd that photo of my face to my brother with a subject like of "Cut me, mick!" Yeah, can't resist that one. :)

  5. We're with you all the way, buddy. Long as it takes.

  6. JG - I wanted to let you know that an old friend reached out to me after reading your blog. Her husband is an oncologist at Sloane-Kettering in NYC, and one of his colleages named Ross Levine recommended Jason Gotlib or Bruno Medeiros at Stanford or Curt Ries at UCSF. Said they can use his name with Gotlib and Medeiros. I'm sure you're exploring all of your options locally, and I wanted to make sure you had this to consider.

    Keep me posted going forward.



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