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Super quick update

Day 4 of 5 of intense chemo round 2 is wrecking me. My counts are crazy low. They gave me two units of blood yesterday, but I need two more today.

After the 5th day, I'll apparently continue to feel like shit for another week. The good news is that it seems to be working (touch wood). It's just really rough having no energy. Even blog posts take up too much energy, hence this post from my BB.

Trying to keep my spirits up (Eagles winning, Cliff Lee signing, and Angry Birds help) but it's challenging. Please keep sending the positive messages. I definitely need it now.

Much love to all.



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  1. Even when we are not posting we are sending lots and lots and lots and lots of positive, healing energy and very, very, very big hugs from cold,windy PA. We love you very much.

    Mom and Dad

    P.S. Cliff Lee!!!

  2. Lots of love from the other half of the Earthtones. XOXOXO

  3. I think about you all the time and hope you can feel the positive, healing energy I'm sending your way. Stay strong, buddy. You WILL kick its ass!

  4. love coming at you from seattle: we're with ya dude! peace.

  5. Sending positive energy every day. Hope you're feeling it John. We're all thinking about you. Keep KIIA!

  6. Jg - not a moment goes by in my day that I'm not thinking about your fight. Clearly you are digging your heels in now, and more than ever we are all right next to you in spirit. we appreciate the updates, but keep focused on your rest and healing now. you wkia! love you, brother...ejsphilly

  7. lots and lots of love and ass kicking vibes from auntie na na.

  8. We're all pulling for you here in the South Bay too! You WKIA!

  9. It's great to see that you've mustered up enough energy to generate a quick Post. You're in my thoughts nearly every moment of every day. I'm continuing to send positive energy from the East Coast.

    I love you!

  10. spike love coming your way from phreezy philly....we love you and you are always in our thoughts...stay strong, peace...

  11. nothing but warm wishes, prayers, and good thoughts for you every single day jaggu. Good things happen to good people and that means much brighter days for you ahead...stay STRONG!

  12. smiling at the thought of you fighting!

  13. 1 day at a time, you will get through this!

  14. John. Keep the faith. We miss you terribly and we will keep a lot of escalated situations on the back burner just waiting for you !

  15. Sending you lots of positive energy!! ywkia!

  16. Dude-tons of positive energy and healing beams are zipping all the way across the country from NH to SF. You WILL KIA and then we'll all be smilin'. Love ya, man!

  17. Will take you to Guatemala when you're over it. You'll like it, except for one thing: they've got no music here! So you'll give them yours!
    Abrazos fuertes!

  18. Sending lots of positive energy and a big hug!

  19. Dude - Huge healing vibes headed your way to get you through this round. Actually, EVERY DAY - but worth noting here. You've got a massive crew behind you, man. Know it. Feel it. You'll kick this f*cker. On one hand, strength, on the other peacefulness. Breathe. Balance. Find the space.

    Angry Birds is great! Glad you can enjoy that. :) Stupid videos are good, too. Great supply of distraction there.


  20. Even more love coming the East Coast!!! You're always in our thoughts and prayers. Keep on KIA with everything you have my friend - JG YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Another movie quote coming your way later :) xo

  21. Hey John,
    We are thinking about you all of the time and I am sending you huge healing energy and lots of love. Love, Amy and Dave

  22. We are thinking of you, pulling for you, praying for you, every day John. You'll get through it.

  23. JG, All your friends from the ol' BEA Systems are pulling for you. Thanks for sharing your life with us and we are all behind you!

  24. We are praying for you... Keep your spirits up and be positive like you usually are. Everything will work out.


  25. Sending you big hugs from the east coast! Have you heard the Dreamforce playlist? Guaranteed to get you pumped up!
    - Mary

  26. Hi JG. This is Laurence Chiu.
    Hang in there and I am praying for your complete recovery.

  27. Hi John,

    Kick this thing! You have lots of people praying for you.


  28. Hang in there! You can beat this. I think about you a lot and really pulling for you.


  29. John, you're in my thoughts ... and congrats on Cliff Lee :). Be well!

  30. Sending positive vibes from Austin!

    We cheered - in the middle of Texas! against my own dad's team! - for your Eagles last week, and they won! Clearly this means our cheering for you will work, too!

    Hang in there. We feel the a** kickin' comin' on!

    Love, Chris & Tina W.

  31. JG - You are in my thoughts all day...sending love and energy....This thing picked the wrong guy....stay tough.

  32. JG Ustaad,

    We are all praying for you and I'm positive that you will pull this off.. Keep up the positive energy..


  33. Hey John,

    How bout a little wager on the game this weekend.
    If the Giants win, you get better
    If the Eagles win, you get better

    Rooting for ya

  34. JG,

    We are praying for your speedy recovery to good health. You have always been a source of great enthusiasm and you continue to be so!

    -Anurag Pareek

  35. Mate,
    A post from a long lost friend in Australia. A big hello from Ben Price and the rest of your old BEA mates out here. Had beers with Dabiel Chan and Jonathan Case last nigth actually. Read the blog, saw the comments and I think they have said it all. Get better.

    I saw the post above about Guatemala above - if Oprah W can make it to Sydney so can you. So get better and Daniel, Jon and I will buy you a beer in Sydney.

    All the best,

  36. Hey John,

    We from BEA are all thinking of you and wishing you a strong fight and a healthy recovery. All our thoughts and energy are flowing to you to keep your spirits high.

    Best wishes,
    Jonathan Case

  37. Hey John,

    Just thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Let's celebrate over a round of golf at Pebble Beach when you are victorious! Knowing you, that will be soon.

    Best Wishes,
    Mark Graham

  38. Good luck John! You'll be back at work very soon! :) Before 172 goes live! That's my guess :)

    - Chitra

  39. Even though I've been mostly off line for a couple of days, I needed to chime in here. You know what I'm sending you, and with all the good energy from all these amazing people, you have great material to work with. I'm thinking about you all the time, my friend, as are all of these folks. We love you. And with a little help from us and a lot of your own inner and outer strength, YWKIA.

    Much love,


  40. I know you will kick its ass and then some!

    Wish you a speedy recovery. Some meditation technique such as mindefulness based meditation may help with both coping with the pain and faster recovery.


  41. JG, sending energy and love your way. We are thinking of you as you are fighting this. You will KIA.

    Anders and Tricia

  42. Thinking of you today and every day. You've got lots of strength saved up to get you through this. Angry Birds helps too! KAW KAW KAW! Wee hee! :)

  43. My thoughts and prayers are with you John! Kick its ass! :)


  44. Hey JG

    This is unacceptable -- get better -NOW!!!

    There are Eagle games to see and I will go to a Phish concert with you.

    I was just thinking of the time we were in SF going to the Sushi restaurant as part of BU.

    I know that soon you will back to your old self.

    Mark Seligman

  45. JG, I am wishing for you all the inner strength
    and energy that can be mustered and sending it to you. Hope you beat this real fast!

  46. Hey JG, I just saw Kellies message. Stay strong big man.
    It's a shitty end to 2010, make it a good start to 2011.
    Kick some ass.

    Take care,


  47. And let me know when your strength and appetite are back... I will buy you a bucketload of uni. And I won't even ask for a single bite! ;-)

  48. Hi JG,

    All BEA friends are sending energy your way - you will get well soon! It has been for a while, and we can't wait to gather together when you are getting better. Promise you'll play again the keyboard when we sing (like you did in BEA company party many years ago. I'll bring a homemade cake!

    Yan Long

  49. John, it's been valuable to read your blog entries. I appreciate much better the challenges you have been facing down. It's inspirational to see how you are sharing your experiences.

    Take strength from all of your colleagues at who are eager to see you kick its ass!

    BTW, if you are looking for alternative tools, I've been having fun with my iPad -- the games are cool and it's fast to browse or do email.

  50. sending positive vibes and energy to you from Brussels! You will kick its ass!!!!

  51. John,
    Thinking about you. Hope you recover quickly from the chemo. Thanks for the posts. Keep kicking ass!

  52. Hi John,

    Long time no see from BEA days.
    Sending you support from the east coast.
    I sat next to my wife when she went through Chemo last year. I've helped her fight where I could, and she's made a complete recovery.

    Chemo will be tough, but you are tougher.
    Hang tight and keep getting the positive energy we're sending.


  53. Hey JG,

    Just got word of this. Prayers are with you. Keep the positive energy flowing. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Tom Hegadorn

  54. Good things happen in the strangest of ways. Just look at the Eagles today and how they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

    Is this an omen?? I think so.


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