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UCSF impressions and update

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So the first round of chemo didn't achieve a remission. Remission is necessary before we can attempt a bone marrow transplant. Soooooo... That means that we'll be starting another round of chemo today. It also means that I'll be here (at UCSF - on "11 Long") for another *month*. That means no Salesforce holiday party or any other parties (sorry Brown, Dietz.) Heck, that means no Xmas or new years (at home) either. Sigh.

The reality is, of course, that none of that matters. Only thing that matters is my getting better (and the Eagles' making the playoffs.)

In other news, we decided to send Floyd back to Massachusetts with Gramma for a couple weeks. He loves it out there, and this will give Heather a well-deserved break. They flew back on the red-eye last night.

Now, let's talk about UCSF vs. St. Mary's. What's a good analogy... Flyers vs. Leafs? Phils vs. Nats? These might be too generous. Probably more like Spurs vs. your high school basketball team. This isn't about busting on St. Mary's -- it's about giving props to UCSF. More happened here in the first 30 hours of my stay, than would typically happen in 3 or 4 days at St. Mary's. From Thursday morning at 9am through Friday afternoon, I received:

- a bone marrow biopsy
- two CT scans
- an MRI
- a sinus evaluation
- a PICC line
- a chest xray

Speaking of which, time for another scan. More later.

I will kick its ass,



  1. Hey JG, I'm so sorry you are back in the hospital, but glad you're in good hands at UCSF. Both of my in-laws were treated for cancer there and the staff is amazing (as you've already seen). Take as much time as you need. We'll have more parties for you when you're back. :)

  2. Spurs to local high school, eh? That's quite a statement, and certainly sounds like the roof you're under now will give you the most optimal care, comfort, and advice on how to beat this shit out of your system. Really appreciate the blog updates, like you said, most important thing of all is for you to get yourself better. Glad that Floyd will have some time with granpa and granma (hope that granpa's HEYNA don't act up... ;-)

    Love ya, keep on kicking its ass!


  3. I love you man, i just wanted to say that. Even tho i don't write, I'm with you every day. I dunno if you're into it, but Liesl and I pray for you in a kinda universalist, non-dogmatic way. From our hearts. Every day. We're with you. You're one of the biggest influences in my whole entire life, you should know that, and i've had a long and crazy life. And you're up at the top, still, even tho we're not as in touch as we have been in the past. Kick it's ass, man, we've got your back.

    -Dave and Liesl

  4. In the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity -Einstein
    Exactly what that opportunity is may not reveal itself right away. In the meantime, continue to think positively and share your experiences, thought, feeling, humor. You're an inspiration and we're all going to help you kick its ass in any way we can.
    and in closing, go birds. F the cowboys.


  5. Hey meng -

    UCSF sounds wussum.. Sorry you have to steep in its wussumness for a whole month tho. But hey - cool that you're getting the care you need! Getting better is definitely priority one.

    Keep strong, dude.. If anybody's got what it takes (strength, attitude, support, ...) to kick this thing, it's you! It's an amazing feeling knowing we're all behind you.

    Thanks for blogging.

    Good luck with round 2 of the chemo.

    You wir kir its prace! :)

  6. JG - I just came to know about this today. I am sorry that you are going through it but am very proud of your spirit, and attitude on how you have taken this. My best wishes and prayers are with you, Heather and kids (who by the way are just amazing, I saw their pictures for the first time here). How can I get in touch with you and/or Heather to coordinate the timings of a visit at the hospital or your home?

  7. The last post hurts, right down to the core. Much strength and light your way my friend. Love,

  8. Thinkin about you buddy. You be sure to let me know when you're ready for some more miso, I'll bring the large this time.

  9. There's an email being passed among your ex-BEA friends with a link to your blog here. I wanted you to know that we're all pulling for you. Let me know if I can stop by before the next round of chemo. I know you're gonna kick its ass!

  10. Jaggu, I am with you man. Thanks for your updates. Keep at it and show it who is the real dada. When you feel better, let me know, I want to come see you. What I do is I fill all kinds of balloons and fill dem vid dangerous poisonous gas...yeah yeah, i am sure you do...

    Love, gc

  11. Thinking of you, bro, especially after the glorious Eagles victory and the news about Cliff Lee. Stay in touch and be well!


  12. If this bitter Suns fan knows anything, it's that the Spurs always win.


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