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Hey Philly Peeps! My oldest and dearest friend, Lauren "Bagel" Bacal Spike is once again leading the Philly Bleeds Greene team for the Big Climb at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday May 11, 2024 supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Locals, please consider joining the team. Others, please consider donating to Lauren's campaign.

Quick Morning Morning Update

Blogging Tunes: Grateful Dead - So Many Roads (Discs 4 and 5)

Feeling better today.  No fevers last night, and even the sweats are coming less frequently.  Got a great night sleep which helped a ton.  They gave me something called Restoril and I slept like a baby.  Probably got about 8 hours total (in roughly two 4 hour chunks) between the hours of 8:30p and 6:45a.  Eight hours sleep in a hospital is really something.  Part of it is that thev've switched some of my IV meds to oral, so they don't need to come in as much and hang new IV bags.

My white counts still aren't as high as we'd like, but since the fevers seemed to have stopped (touch wood), I'm really hopeful that I can finally get out of here tomorrow.  If it winds up being Wednesday, that's ok, but since I have an appointment at UCSF Thursday at 8am, I'd really like a full day at home, so we can all start the transition of my being there.  It's been over a month in this place now.  Wow.

Next, I decided I'm not going to go on a rant about what happened yesterday morning.  There's just no point.  I need to look forward every day and start working on my integrated wellness plan.  Every day is about today and tomorrow.  "Yesterday's gone, yessssterday's gone."  I did express my concerns to Both Margie (head nurse) and Kendra (a charge nurse) this morning, and they both agreed wholeheartedly with my points, and my recommendations for action. Hopefully, my experience + feedback will result in better patient care in the future.

The CT scan of my chest revealed that there does seem to be a little of the same fungal stuff in my lungs that were in my sinuses, but it looks very minor, and since I'm responding well to the anti-fungal stuff they're giving me, we should be OK there.

Now for some sports side notes:
  • Bye-bye Jayson.  Glad you got your payday -- have fun playing for a shitty team.
  • Congrats Graeme McDowell!  Incredible putting.  Wah wah Tiger.
  • Amazing football games yesterday with the big AFC East showdown coming tonight.  Hard to believe the Ravens choked like that.  Peyton?  He's been chokin' all season -- Colts are banged up though.  Tampa?  That's a choke.  Where's Marlon?
  • Psyched for Eagles/Cowboys next Sunday night.  Even more psyched to be able to watch it in my own house!
OK, I'm going to start packing.  Well, not really packing... it's just that I've been here for a month -- I got a lotta stuff to get organized, not to mention all the presents/loot I've received :)  There's stuff all over this room.  Heather's going to need a suitcase just so we can get everything outta here.
So cross your fingers, everyone.  The first phase of this is looking like it's finally wrapping up.  Many more phases, challenges, struggles, and hard times ahead, but we'll get there -- one step at a time.

I will kick its ass,



  1. Glad I have the first comment on this post. So, two things:

    1. I have my fingers, toes, arms, legs and everything else crossed that you can cross.

    2. One of my favorite quotes in conjunction with your "yesterday's gone" quote: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift and that's why they call it "the present". Also appropriate around the holidays as what could be more of a present than getting home.

    Good luck, feel good, and kick its ass and Go Eagles!

  2. SO glad you're feeling better and will be going home with your beautiful family soon. XO

  3. These mist covered mountains
    Are a home now for me
    But my home is the lowlands
    And always will be
    Some day you'll return to
    Your valleys and your farms
    And you'll no longer burn
    To be brothers in arm

  4. Hey JG, really glad you're feeling better today. I've got every possible joint that can be crossed: crossed! Take care.

  5. First time, long time... I'm thinking about you, JG, and crossing my fingers/toes as well. Let's get you home ASAP, and hopefully today! I can't help but think Heather and the kids will do wonders for you on an every day basis - and vice versa!

    Good Luck!!!!!

    Go Birds, Go Flyers, Go JG!


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