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[UPDATED] There's Heaven Ahead in Number 11! (updated with ANC info and Fever-gate info)

 Day 22

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OK.  Big time numbers update and the news is good!

While we don't yet have the ANC results from last night -- remember, ANC is the critical count that determines when I can go home -- we do have the WBC number. The WBC number is a superset of ANC and it's up!  

So the hope that ANC (which has been (expectedly) stuck at < 0.1 for a couple weeks) is also up.

Looks like Dr. Damon was onto something when he said the horrible headache might be related to recovering counts.  Gotta love Dr. D.

[Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) update]

For some reason, the ANC just isn't in today's counts.  There's a comment in today's counts that says: "too few cells for accurate differential."

I just talked to the nurse who said sometimes there just aren't enough cells in the labs.  Seems awfully coincidental that it happens on the day my counts go up.

Here's what it looks like from yesterday (starting with Platelet count and below)

So when I look at the history, there's a blank spot for 10/9 for all the "Differential" stuff:

So I guess we'll find out where the Neutrophil count is tomorrow.

OK, onto fever-gate... Since the CT scan didn't show anything, the team is no longer worried about the fevers so they allowed me to take Tylenol at bedtime as a potential fever preventer.  While I didn't officially have a fever above the 38.1C threshold, I woke up in the wee hours having completely sweated through my shirt, so it's possible that an unmeasured by the nurse fever spike and break happened.  Can't be certain.  Night sweats aren't uncommon at this point -- fevers or otherwise -- so nothing to worry about there.  Not officially having a fever is good, because I can't go home unless I have three days in a row without a fever.

In other news, per the hair vid from last blog entry, Heather buzzed my head yesterday.  Thanks, boo!  Here'a a pic and a vid.

That's it for now.  



  1. Numbers inching in the right direction, slowly…flux capacitor…fluxing…keep on keeping on. ❤️

  2. Great news on the counts bud! Keep up with the ass kicking! Love the new buzz cut. ;-)


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