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Floyd's Student Visionary of the Year Campaign benefitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is now live. Please visit his page and consider donating to this amazing cause before Friday March 8, 2024.

Tommy Can You Hear Me?

Mon Sep 19, 2022 -- Day +277
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Shortest update ever.  These updates are going to be quick going forward.

After my last appointment, Dr. Damon said he didn't want to see me for three months. That means that -- blood-work-wise -- I'm doing well.  I do have a mild case of oral GvHD, but the team isn't worried about it.  My energy is up a bit since COVID but seems to be holding steady at around 80%.  Just tired a lot. My emotional and mental state probably isn't much better than my last post, but I don't really want to get into that now.

I do want to call some quick attention to my 2022 Light the Night page and campaign.  Here's the short version:

  • My 50th birthday was October 6th, 2020.  No big Chum party or anything for my 50th.  Just quarantine and shelter-in-place.
  • My 51st birthday was part of 4.5 weeks in the hospital for intensive chemo.
  • So what's happening on my 52nd birthday?   It's this year's San Francisco Light the Night walk.  Please help me reach my $20,000 goal by donating today.  Thank you!

I need to head out and grab Floyd from school so we can go into the city for his consultation with the Tommy John surgeon. Yeah, the elbow injury mentioned previously is quite serious.

At least one kid had a tourney this weekend.  Here's the little slugger.

Orion the 13u Sting

I didn't go to his tourney because Chum had a really fun private private at my buddy's place in San Rafael Saturday night. Huge thanks to Dane for taking Orion to Manteca while we were rockin' out at Mike's! 

Thanks for the continued love, care, and support.



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