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Italian Spaghetti, Singin' Falsetto

Monday May 30 2022 - Day +165
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Memorial Day is a seasonal transition of sorts: tons of daylight (morning and night); kids almost done their school year; Spring becoming Summer... to name a few.  For me, Memorial Day 2022 represents two major transitions related to health and work.

Let's start with health.  I finally saw Dr. Damon on Thursday.  It was the first time in three weeks.  They wouldn't let me near UCSF until I had tested negative for COVID for at least a week.  The news is all good.  My blood counts are fine and the post-COVID fatigue is normal and expected.  As more time passes (and we continue to reduce the Tacrolimus) my energy should come back strong.  On the "reducing the Tac" front, I'm going to be down to two -- count' em, 2! -- pills this week, one pill the next, and then, if there's still no GvHD, I'll be completely off the Tac the week of June 13th.  Not coincidentally, my next UCSF appointment is that Thursday June 16th.

Once I'm completely off the Tac -- touch wood -- we can start reducing some of my other meds which really puts us on the path to normalcy and cure #2.  All signs point to this being the reality.  COVID really sucked but the fact that I was able to get past/through it (in my semi-vax'd state) means that the new new immune system -- is that like the New New Minglewood Blues? -- is looking really good.

I'm also hoping we can go back to the high blood pressure med I was on -- benazepril -- before the relapse.  Apparently, it doesn't play nice with Tac, so they have me on amlodipine which makes my feet swell.  Not the best side effect for biking and hiking.  

Ok... that brings us to work.  Tomorrow (June 1) is officially my last day at Vineti.  Not going to get into all the details about why I'm leaving here on the blog.  Many of you know some of the reasons for this move.  If you want to know more, reach out via text, LinkedIn, FBM, email or however we're connected.

In terms of what's next, I'm happy to report that I signed an offer on Friday and I'll be starting a new job on Monday June 27th.  I'll save the specifics on that for a future blog post (that will point to the related future LinkedIn post.)

So I'm going to take a few weeks off.  But not totally off... I have some reading to do on some of the technologies I'll need to know for this new gig, so it's gonna be half (self-assigned) work and half rest/continued-recovery/exercise.  Wanna get together for a hike?  Just ping me.  It also looks like Floyd may have a travel tourney to Omaha in the middle of this.  Waiting for the details on that.

Speaking of hikes, I challenged myself and went on one of the most strenuous short hikes in Marin yesterday.  I was hoping to take the kids to Turtle Rock but they protested.  Heather wasn't up for a morning hike, so I just did the Lucas Valley loop myself.  The first part of it is like 3/4 of a mile straight up.  Before you know it you have some stunning views.

On the way down, I enjoyed the bagel I had packed for myself.  Food always tastes better on a hike.

The food-ness continued yesterday evening when I made chicken and spicy black-bean nachos.

So much fun to make and even more fun to eat with your goofy almost-high-schooler.

Last but not least, the Chum show at HopMonk Novato on Friday was really fun.  It took a lot out of me but I made it!  I'll update this post with links to audio and vids when available.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see us!



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