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And When You're Up, You're Up!

Monday January 24, 2022 - Day +39

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Holy Divisional Football weekend!  That had to be the best weekend of football this century, if not, ever.  3 games with walk-off GWFGs by the underdog and then the insane KC/BUF finish??  Wowzers.  Shame on you fare-weather football fans that just tuned in for the Niners and didn't watch the rest of the games.  As my fifth grade teacher Mr. Marshall used to say: "You know who you are!"

Short but sweet update here and the news is really good.  Last Friday, we had a bit of a scare, as some of key counts we're tracking unexpectedly fell.  We hoped this was because the blood sample may have gotten diluted with saline -- long story that I won't get into -- and that was essentially confirmed today.  Check out dip on 1/21 (Fri) but the major rebound on 1/24 (today.)

Awesome jump in Hemoglobin, Neutrophil, WBC, and RBC.  And check out the Platelet count!  Normal range is 140-400, and I'm at 110 today.  Looks like Martin's magic cells are doing their thing!  Love you, BB!

The Magnesium count (1.5 today) is also approaching the low range of normal (1.6) just with the oral Mag.  It's 6 horse pills a day, but my GI system seems to be able to handle it, so I think we're done with the IV Mag for good.  Hopefully that means we can remove the Hickman Line soon.... then I won't be a borg anymore.

Onto the Tacrolimus... over the course of the last three appointments, we reduced the Tac from 2mg to 1.75 to (now) 1.5mg per day. We're still waiting on the Tac results from today's labs, but assuming they are holding steady, and we can keep the Tac at 1.5, I think I may be able to start phasing back into a bit of part time work soon.  Maybe as early as next week or the week after.  The reduced Tac + increased RBC/Hemoglobin means MORE ENERGY.  Yes!  

One of the ways I'm measuring my energy (and thus my capability to take on more) is with short Peloton rides.  I've done 3 twenty minute scenic rides rides over the past 10 days with the following output:

The plan, starting today is to ride every other day or so.  If I can get my output closer to 100 without needing to lie down afterward, I think that's a sign that I'll be ready to mix in part time work.

Another thing to mention is how awesome it's been to have Gramma -- Heather's mom -- around.  She's helped out so much, is amazing with the kids, and she has (and we have) cooked some awesome meals.  Some of the highlights: corned beef w/ cabbage; mexican salad; and various pasta dishes.

Yesterday, while H and the kids were out, Gramma and I made Jalapeno poppers, Potato Skins; and Buffalo Wings.  Football food!  And I gotta say, my wing sauce was right up there with Ding Ding Wikki's!

I only got a couple pics.  Here's the Potato Skins in progress, half-devoured plate of Wings (pic courtesy of Floyd), and one pic of the Poppers.

Finally, Katniss actually watched football with me for a little but then she lost interest and fell asleep. It's hard to describe how much I love this cat.



  1. Great stuff, JG! Fun fact - Mr Marshall jacked me up against a locker for shaking Jamie Farrer’s soda can at the 5th grade Xmas party. He probably weighed 240/250, and scared the F out of me!

    1. I remember he jacked someone up. The question is... who wrote this comment? And why does Blogger show people as "Unknown"???

  2. Yay for Katniss. And for all your numbers improving. :-)

  3. Good numbers ↗️ bad numbers ↘️ Flux capacitor…fluxing. Predicting you’ll achieve 1.21 gigawatts on that peloton any day now.

    Football games were great. I think the first, second round of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament may have competition for the best weekend in sports.

    PS nice looking wings.

  4. Great to hear the good news JG. And thanks for the shout out on all the NFL divisional games, agreed they were some of the best I've seen.

  5. Fantastic news! It's so good to see your progress, and I want to come steal some of those football snacks. -- Neil L

  6. Fantastic news to see your numbers increasing JG, keep it up!!!

  7. Ooh, I get a blog mention!

    Glad to hear the good news. Keep it up!

  8. Woot! Things are looking UP!!

    Also.. corn beef cabbage? Expecting more fart videos to come.


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