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You Take it on Faith, You Take it to the Heart

Tuesday December 28, 2021 - Day +12

Blogging Tunes: NatureSpace: Sunlight in the Tall Aspen Forest

The last few days have been pretty uneventful.  Every day is rough, but tolerable.  All the same stuff from my last post(s) apply.  We're smack dab in the waiting game.... the only question is: when will my counts start to come up?

Today is the first possible day the docs thought there'd be even the slightest chance -- their money is on Day +14 to Day +17, but I'm holding out that it will be today to tomorrow.  I do feel a little more energy than I did yesterday morning... maybe that's a good sign.  The results should be in actually, so let's take a peek.

The WBC being above 0.1 is what we're looking for!  

Also, the platelet 7 -> 19 was a transfusion, but now looks like they are holding steady too.

Well whaddya know!  WBC at 0.3, that's not up much but it's up!  Wow.  So that means I may be able to get out of here by Thursday or Friday.  Of course, that presents other possible problems as their may have been some COVID exposure in my house.  Everyone's getting tested today, so we'll know the results by the time I'm ready to get out of here.  Not sure what we'll do if anyone tests positive, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

What else?  Heather was able to visit on Christmas even and brought a "just add water" Hot and Sour Soup and a frozen Shu Mai thing from Trader Joe's.  Not bad for a make-shift, neutropenic Chinese food Christmas Eve.  Thanks, boo.

She also got me the best Christmas present ever.  A stuffed version of Katniss.  I call her "KITH" -- pronounced /KIT eh/ -- or "Katniss in the Hospital."


The real -- and one and only -- Katniss

Thanks also to Sameena -- who's husband is battling AML too -- for sending the nice card and Christmas pop-tarts.  What a perfect present.

Gonna wrap this up for now so I can do some laps and ride the bike a little.  Will keep y'all posted on likely discharge date as well as COVID sitch.  Fun times!!  Oh, and FLY EAGLES FLY!



  1. Sending <3
    "Let's celebrate the world's rebirth
    We say let it grow"

  2. Great news re the numbers heading in the right direction, JG! Home before the New Year would be amazing. Fingers crossed that everyone continues to test negative. Refresh good vibes.

  3. Yes!! Home before NYE. Hope Omicron doesn’t ruin the plans. It has spread very fast but luckily it’s been mild so far. Hugs!!


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