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You Better Get Back to "ara-C", Jed

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Super quick update.

Turns out this ara-C consolidation chemo round that I thought was gonna be out-patient -- like it was 11 years ago -- isn't... it's in-patient.  So I'm heading to Marin General in 10 minutes where I'll be for the next (approx) 75 hours.

At least I'm going to be in the new Oak Pavilion where the rooms are twice as big as UCSF and the showers are about 5x as spacious and nice.  Here are a couple pics from their photos page (click the photos link for more.)

I also found out that I'm going to need one more bone marrow biopsy (ugh) before my transplant admit date which is now confirmed as December 9.  

Much more tomorrow once I have one day under my belt.



  1. Sending positive, healing energy/vibes your way !!!!

  2. Sending continued healing <<>> your way!

  3. Well, if to be an in-patient, this is the room you would want. Happened to me as well, my 2nd round was supposed to be simple, but ended up being like the first one, they literally did induction chemo twice on me. I'm glad, the more they hit it now, it will work better for the cure. Hang in there. This TV looks very good for game watching. I dont know how many channels they have in the hospital, but for my long in-patient periods my friend got me a verizon hotspot (the hospital wifi was kinda slow) so i could stream anything i want. Getting an HDMI streamer to stick behind the TV might also work - but I'm sure you've tinkered with everything possible in your room.


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