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We Move Through Stormy Weather

Blogging Tunes: Hirschmilch Radio Chillout readership seems to have trailed off a little -- there were less than 100 views of the previous entry. That's cool.  As we learned in the yeP! days, you don't worry about who's not there, you play to who's in the room.  Right Jackson/Matty?

So the Ara-C consolidation chemo completed with no major hiccups, though I gotta say, 3 days of twice-a day-chemo was quite a bit worse than the last consolidation round (11 years ago when I biked to out-patient consolidation chemo.)

This was the scene outside of Marin General when Heather picked me up on Sunday morning at around 8:30a.

Of course the care is more comprehensive at UCSF -- Marin General doesn't do transplants -- but I'm definitely going to miss the large rooms, the nicer showers, the gorgeous views, and the mellow vibe.

Honestly, I felt pretty shitty on Sunday.  It was a good day to just sit, watch football, get all snuggled up with the Eagles-inspired blanket Nancy made for me, and do a whole lot of nothing.  Katniss was happy to just hang out and watch football too.

Each day has been a bit better since then, and today we're finally really trending up.  I may even get out for a walk today.  Really need it.  Yesterday morning was a full-on "camera off for Zoom" morning as I could barely drag myself down to my office.  Had I accidentally enabled my camera, this is what you would have seen.

The sun is really helping too.  Marin General views are nice, but nothing tops the view from my bedroom when there's a nice sunrise.

Especially when Katniss is being all super goopy/cuddly.

So now what?
  • Well, my taste buds and appetite aren't quite 100% but we're getting there.
  • I'm still on a boat-load of meds.  In fact, I've snoozed my "Take morning meds!" alarm three times as I've been authoring this blog, so I better wrap this up and go take them.
  • I also have to go to Quest and get blood drawn twice-a-week -- my arms are starting to look I'm an IV drug user -- until my transplant admit date (Dec 9.)
  • And, I need to get yet another &#^*$%& bone marrow biopsy on the Monday after Thanksgiving.
Bright side: energy, appetite, and taste buds should be good for Thanksgiving.  



  1. It's good to catch up and see you at home, JG - and something to look forward to with Thanksgiving ahead.

  2. Sending love and light my friend. Keep with the trending up!

  3. yeP! - play to the room even if there are only 4 peeps. They’ll become your biggest fans. 🙌


  4. That Eagles robe, though. 🔥Love you!

  5. Good post Bro! Keep on kicking!!!

  6. It hadn’t occurred to me, but yeah UCSF rooms are spartan, compared to that Four Seasons of a hospital you got up there.

    Sorry the chemo was rough, and that you have to endure the pin cushion thing. ❤️

    Eagles had a convincing win yesterday. They hit ‘em low AND hit ‘em high. Now we can enjoy the niners stinking up the joint on MNF! Alas no Al Michaels…

  7. Sorry you have to go through it again, but brother, we are right there with you all the way back to full recovery. Just one step in front of the other.


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