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I Remember You Put a Chill Across My Face

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The Air of December will be here soon enough, and you want to know what?  I'm not ready. 

We're only 4 weeks out, and the emotions are just really different this time around.  Last time, I was all "Bring it on!  Let's go!  Ass kicking time!"  This time?  I'm still angry.  I don't want to do this again.  I want to be going for bike rides, being active with my kids, swimming, and gigging with Chum.

Energy-wise, this week isn't much better than last.  Maybe Thanksgiving is just what I need... not only for the family/friend focused-break but so that I can get my head on straight about this.  'Cause right now, even though there's still a ton to be grateful for, I'm just having trouble practicing the gratitude... I'm just kinda... grumpy/pissy/grouchy... except when I'm laughing my ass off via priceless texts with my buddy Rob from Philly... right, Bob?  :D 

The post Ara-C nadir is real.  In fact, my platelets were at 27 on Friday.  If they'd been much lower, Dr. Damon may not have let me go to Floyd's tourney.  I guess I can be grateful for that.  Speaking of which, this weekend in Manteca/Ripon, it felt like the Air of December -- well the Bay Area version -- was here.  Floyd's last tourney of the year was an absolute fog fest on Saturday.

We came upon this freight train on our way to the field.  The approach was surreal.  All we saw were these two flashing/pulsing red lights.  Immediately I recognized the pattern.  "Woah, those look like train lights" but we couldn't see a train or the light structure or the gates that come down and block the road... until we were practically on top of the train.  Look at how the visibility just trails off.  How many cars of the train can you see?

Floyd got the start and the wet conditions just did him (and all the other pitchers) in.  There were a ton of walks, hit by pitches, and just all around sloppy play.  Honestly, it's crazy that they even played.  It's really dangerous when you can't grip the ball.  And unlike the mlb, they aren't giving you dry balls every couple of pitches.

Fortunately, I brought lots of warm clothes and was well-prepared.  Sunday was still cold, grey and damp, but a little more manageable.

Floyd's team went 1-2 on the weekend, so we made a pretty quick exit on Sunday.  The other Stings 14U team, by contrast, won their tournament.  The positive?  We were home by 3:30p.  Them?  Probably 10:00p. If I wasn't so tired, that wouldn't be of much consolation, but it was great to just chill last night and get to bed early.  I slept horribly the whole weekend.

So that's what I got for y'all, today.  Sorry to be such a downer, but that's about what I'm feeling right now.  At least Freddie and Raff had a good time in Denver, right guys?



  1. Well, if ever anyone had good cause to be grumpy/pissy/grouchy -- you do. This is awful. You are amazing. We love you.

  2. Well, we know some days are going to be sh*t. I am feeling all the feels with you. We are on this roller-coaster with you Jaggu dada.. Thanks for sharing.


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