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Walkin' Along in the (Re)mission in the Sun

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We just assume that it goes:

  1. AML - oh no!
  2. Induction chemo - ugh, but ok...
  3. Remission - yay
  4. Consolidation chemo - no biggie
  5. Stem-cell marrow transplant - it's tough but it's the only way
  6. Recovery
  7. Cure!
Well, that 3rd step -- Remission -- is crucial.  Without it, you have to repeat step 2 (like I had to do the first time around -- see December 2010 blog entries for the gory details)

So this is what I heard from Dr. Damon today.  BIG LETTERS INTENTIONAL!

Great news – you are in complete (MRD negative) remission by examination under the microscope and by a sensitive test called flow cytometry (still await your chromosome tests.) Monday’s CBC looked great. I’ll reach out to Marin re consolidation.

So we're onto step 4 which should be simple out-patient chemo at Marin Cancer Care here and there leading up to December transplant.

In the meantime, the remodel continues, Floyd's got a double-header this Saturday, I'm going to TXR Sunday afternoon (final show?), and Phish Halloween webcasts-a-plenty this weekend.

And the sun is out!

View from our sun/Peloton room -- gotta start riding again!




  2. Wishing you lots of good luck John, this is fantastics. Will keep following


  3. Negative MRD is what we want! achieving full success in the induction is a great sign for future success. keep it going! The drill is a miracle, they once tried 3 times (!!!) in 3 different places to get enough sample, and then brought the drill which worked like a charm. I think the drill creates a slightly bigger hole, but who cares? it was so fast.

  4. Yes!!! Freakn awesome!! Hope to see you soon!

  5. GREAT POST BUD!!! Keep up with the KIA!!!

    Sending Love and Light your way... :-)


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