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I Got Fire In My Mind, I Get Higher In My Walkin'

Day 18

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Quick update on the fevers.  Last night was very similar to the previous two: another significant fever 2-3 hours after the Neupogen shot.  Fevers are common at this stage, but it's important to know the cause. imo, there has to be a correlation here.

Chad (the awesome night nurse over the last few days) went back and looked at the timing of the shot, and my various temps, and here's what we have:

Note that fevers can ramp over a short or long period of time.  If I'm feeling cold, but not shaking, I might not call the nurse in to take my vitals.  10/3 and 10/4 seem pretty consistent.  Not sure about 10/2.  Did I have the fever earlier than 11:02p (written as 2302)?  Who knows... probably.  On 10/1 -- where there was no shot --my temp was only 37.8.  The fever threshold is 38.1.

Anyway, I'll talk to the docs about it today.  We can't stop the shots, so I may just have deal with fevers, chills (and the full on shakes), and the the sweats that follow every night until my counts start rising. :|



  1. Happy a birthday as you can make it my friend . Maybe they can slide in a slice of amazing birthday cake today ?

  2. Thinking about you on your birthday Jaggu - hope you find ways to celebrate it as best you can. Wishing you the best of health and happiness in the years ahead!

  3. Happy birthday papa!
    💜 🎂
    I ordered you a another white lantern. Should be here soon.

  4. Hello my brother on your birthday. You've never been a boring dude! My best wishes for your next awesome recovery.


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