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Three days home in the books, so time for a little update.  Human nature -- often to take things for granted -- is really fascinating.  When you are hospitalized for 25 days straight, and then you come home, you -- the proverbial, second person "you" -- can achieve a whole new level of appreciation for just being home.

Yesterday, before the Eagles game, I took a walk down to the end of the Loch Lomond Marina jetty.  It's about an hour to walk down and back -- at my current energy level anyway -- from my house.  It's one of the most gorgeous flat walks in the world, and right it's in my backyard.  We're always appreciative of where we live and what we have access to, but yesterday was pure gratitude to the max.  Even the Picasso Moon in the first set of the Dead show I was listening to didn't bring me down.  You go, Bobby!

Here's a pic I took from midway down the last part of jetty trail.  See the moon?

Now onto my health.  Heather and I had a video call with Dr. Damon yesterday.  Just like last time, he's extremely happy with my progress and, based on my counts, he's very optimistic that we're going to achieve a full remission.  Bone Marrow Biopsy will be sometime next week; then we'll know more.

Here are the counts (with history included) based on Wednesday's labs (taken at Quest):

All my counts are up -- hell, even my platelets!

This morning I tried to see what a "normal day" might feel like.  So I set my alarm early, made coffee, and got in front of my computer by 7:15a.  It was definitely harder than I'm used to. I'm really going to have to go to bed earlier if I want to start my day early.  Plus, I need to work in regular exercise.

This weekend is also going to be a test of sorts.  Current plan is to go to Floyd and Orion's baseball tourney in Sunnyvale.  Gonna have to dig deep (and get a ton of sleep -- hey, that rhymes!)

Speaking of baseball, last night we had the double screen going for all the sports madness.  At first Eagles were on the big screen:

But they quickly got relegated to the laptop in favor of Game 5.

Bummer of a way to end the game (esp since Flores didn’t go -- make up call for earlier in the season?) but you had the feeling Scherzer wasn’t going to let anything else happen.  Fantastic game, fantastic series, and imo, the better team won.  Love the chess move by LAD to not start Urias, and Betts is stud. Now hopefully they can take the hated Braves down.  LAD/BOS would be a fun WS.

Oh and after a day of not knowing what was going on, it seems Katniss finally remembered who I was and has been in full lovey kitty mode.  Nothing like little kisses when you're getting ready for a nap:

Lastly, based on my progress, the transplant logistic process has started!  In fact, Martin text'd me today to let me know that DKMS has been in touch!  Thank you, Martin!



  1. Aww... Your message exchange with Martin made me cry. Hope the weekend (all the activities!) was a success (whatever that might look like right now). XO

  2. Martin is the man! I am so happy and grateful to hear about your progress. I know you've still got a long way to go but every little bit of good is so, so good. Keep KIA!!

  3. So happy to see the continued progress. Love the Katniss pic! Keep up the kicking of its ass my friend!!!

  4. Martinnnnnn coming through!! 🚀

  5. Martin is your own personal angel!!


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