The Big Climb

Thank you to everyone who donated to Light the Night 2022. We raised almost $23,000!

Next up is the San Francisco Big Climb which takes place on April 29, 2023 at Oracle Park. More details on how to climb with us soon. Need a few more 2022 donations for tax purposes? No time like the present. :) My (still to be customized) fundraising page for the 2023 Big Climb is here.

First Came the Light, Then Came the Sound

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Here's what's happening in quick bullet form:

  • I feel pretty good overall.  Still much more tired than usual (as to be expected) and having pretty significant sweats every night (also to be expected.)
  • Bone Marrow Biopsy (BMBx) scheduled for 9am Monday October 25th -- there was some snafu regarding my insurance so it couldn't happen this week.
  • Very tiring but exhilarating baseball tourney this weekend in Sunnyvale.  Floyd's team went 3-1.  Orion's team 1-2.  The latter drew the best two teams in Pool Play unfortunately.  Just the way it goes sometimes
  • Fully re-immersing in work and plan to keep that up until transplant time -- that's assuming we've achieved the MRD remission, which I'm assuming we have.  Won't know until the BMBx.
  • Trying to get regular exercise every day, though that's been hard the last couple days as work is ramping up and the weather is changing
  • San Francisco virtual Light the Night is one week from today!  Floyd and Orion's campaign is rockin!  Almost at $40k.
  • So many people have been helping out with food, etc.  THANK YOU so much.  If you want to get involved, here's the MealTrain link.  This is especially helpful now as our kitchen is completely torn apart: no sink; no dishwasher; no cabinets; etc.
  • 🙃
Here are a few pics from the baseball weekend:

There's lots of other stuff going on, but that's all the time I have to blog today!



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