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[Major ANC News here] Climb that hill, stay on your feet

Day 23

Blogging Tunes: PHI@CAR

Today is the 11th anniversary of 10/10/10 -- when my brother came out to visit (for my 40th birthday weekend) and we watched the Eagles beat the Niners in at Candlestick with a big Kezar Crew.  That night, after the game, it was hard to walk up the hills in Cole Valley... my blood was already going bad.

11 years later, we have good news related to my counts.  WBC and ANC (aka Neutrophil Absolute Count) skyrocketed over the last two days.  This means I could possibly be going home as early as TOMORROW if the Neutrophil count hits (or is close to) 1.0 tomorrow (as we expect them to be.)

Still waiting to talk to my team.  I obviously have questions about the Blasts Count row. 😮

10/10/21 CBC (Complete Blood Counts) -- need Neutrophil Count to hit 1.0

[UPDATE: I talked to a hematologist today -- not Dr. Damon or Dr. Logan or any leukemia specialist -- who set my mind at ease regarding the "blasts" row.  He said that as of right now the stuff showing up here isn't something we should be worried about.  I don't really have any more specifics -- I'll get that from Damon or Logan tomorrow.]  

In other news, my brother is at the Eagles game (in a luxury box no less!) in Carolina today!  Have fun, bro!

For some reason I don't think the result of this game will be as good as it was 11 years ago. 😐

Thanks to Raffi, I'm watching on my lappie.  Looking forward to seeing you for the second half.



  1. Greenes like the birds are down but never out. Looking forward to the comeback !

  2. I am cheering for Neutrophil, which I guess is a *little* bit like cheering for Philadelphia. XO

  3. FLY EAGLES FLY...a mediocore team came back to beat another mediocre team, but I'll take it :-)


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