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QUICC PICC and....

Blogging Tunes: Genesis - Trick of the Tail

  • PICC line team came through and rocked Option 1.  Awesome.
  • Middle ringer on right hand hurts.  Not awesome.  No news on that yet.
  • Marinol works but man... the buzz is intense.  "Yo, JG, just enjoy it!" Well, a hospital room isn't the setting you'd think about if you were going to puff, right?  It's just a little weird.  But just trying to ease into it, listen to good music, and get as many laps in as I can.


  1. Nature has wonderful medicines itching to heal and make us feel better.

  2. Sending more healing <> your way. Check out some taper royalty tunez w your buzz:

  3. Oh my, the PICC saga! So glad that Option 1 was a success! Sending love.


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