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It’s a Revolving Cast, but it’s the Same old Game

Blogging tunes: none (using voice to text)

We all know that old, untrue, yet so often proclaimed definition of insanity which is: insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

This is what it feels like tonight in this room. It’s approximately 2:45AM as I’m dictating this potential blog entry. And it’s a shame, because today was actually a really good day all things considered. I had much more energy vs earlier in the week, and I had a great visit with Heather and Floyd.

I actually felt, for the first time in a week, that I was getting on top of this thing.  But starting in the early evening, I’ve had these crazy gastro-intestinal episodes about which I’d rather not get into the details.

Fast forward to now and there’s absolutely no way that I’m getting back to sleep — let alone in my normal bed — so I decided to wheel my Trans-PAL over to the corner and sit in the pull out chair thingy with blanket draped over over me.

Trying to again and again and again get comfortable in an impossibly uncomfortable bed and listen to the same sleep stories or sleep meditations over and over as a way to induce sleep strikes me as borderline insane.

[I don’t even know if I’m going to post this, but just getting it out via Siri to text is helping me.]

So what else can I report on?  If I get this G.I. stuff under control, I’m hoping to watch the football game tonight with my buddy, Tripp.  BIF BID…. Right, Tripper?

Also, thanks to Benji for getting me a USBC-to-gigabit ethernet adapter and a little ethernet cable.  Now with the extra working port in the wall here I finally now have my laptop connected to the Internet.

So if I do decide to go ahead and post this, it’s gonna be a lot easier than before.

Also, based on how I was feeling this afternoon, I was actually hoping to work a little bit tomorrow and see how I felt. Hard to know if any of that is in the cards right now.

This voice to text is pretty good though. Only five minutes have elapsed and I feel like I’m finally getting some stuff out of my brain and onto “paper“.

Now the question is, what to do for the next hour or so. I suppose I could sit here in this chair and actually see if I can sleep here. I suppose I could watch a Star Trek next generation episode on my phone.  There’s no way I can sleep, running to the can every five minutes… seriously.  Oh, and did you ever wonder where the derrogatory term “ass hat” came from?  Well, let’s just say I was reminded last night.  Stool sample, anyone?

[ time passes ]

And that’s exactly what I did.  S7E11: Parallels.

[ continuing in the morning ]

Without question one of the best ST:TNG out there.  Sure it’s not Yesterday’s Enterprise or Chain of Command… or even The Inner Light but it’s definitely top 10 for me.  The storyline, execution, attention-to-detail, and how it makes you feel about topics of friendship, history, love, and choice… it’s just spectacular.  If you consider yourself a trekkie but don’t know this
episode inside and out, go back and watch it.  Look for every detail that changes in the various timelines.  Best one?



Data has blue eyes in one scene!

And thanks to Brown (aka Beeks, aka Daaaaavvee) for hooking me up with his boomerang account so I can watch some good ol’ Looney Toones!

Oh, and Ma…. I even had a little (UCSF version of) P&C for breakkie this morning!

Go Birds.  Go Phils.  Go cancer killing chemo, platelets, and bags of blood.




  1. Nice - good choice. You should also re-watch Ship In A Bottle, Cause and Effect, Tapestry, and Schisms while you're at it... I haven't seen any in a long time, but those are all on my list of episodes to make MaryHelen watch (along with yours above) when she breaks a leg or something.

    I'm really glad to hear you are at least intermittently feeling better. Keep the faith, we're all out here keeping it with you. But how about this: if you don't keep improving I'll make you sit through video of MY new band playing some Phish! That oughta give you the motivation you need ;-)

    Big dumb chance -> Dorcas Game, my friend.

  2. Oh John! So funny! UCSF version of P&C! Hope you can watch the Birds tonight!!! Thanks for the Phish videos!!

    Sending, as always, positive thoughts/vibrations/energy from 1215 to you!!! Glad you were able to post. BIG, BIG HUGS!! ❤️❤️

  3. Good call on Parallels. One of the very best, though for me Inner Light is the GOAT, hands down.

    Glad you’re feeling in better spirits, JG. Keep on truckin.

  4. Watching the game and thinking about you and how many times we cheered for each other’s team. Packets pulled it out last night Eagles have a way to go this game. Sending hugs and strength from Colorado!❤️❤️❤️

  5. 🖖🏻 I love Parallels! Any of the alternate reality or timeline stories are my favorites. Data with blue eyes? Dude. I also really like Genesis, where everyone de-evolves. Voyager is also a good series to binge watch. Captain Janeway rocks! Love you JG! XO Kate

  6. Hey Kate (Mulgrew) Wizzle! Genesis was just on regular TV here at the hospital a few days ago. That one is nuts.


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