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Super quick post before the Eagles/Niners start. This is starting out very differently than last time. I started chemo last night, and overnight spiked a high fever with chills, sweats, overly vivid dreams, and hallucinations. I feel very weak right now. Just walking to the bathroom and back feels like I rode my bike 10 miles. We’re trying to figure out what’s going on.

Second chemo starts at 10a PT. If my energy doesn’t improve, expect much less communications for me, even here. @Louise, I’ll text you later.

Baseball update. Orion’s team went 2-0 yesterday and got the #1 seed. Floyd’s team when 1-1 and got the #4 seed.  Both teams play at 12:20  Good luck, kids!  And thanks for driving them, mama. Go Stings!  Go Phils.



  1. Hope you beat this fever soon and feel better

    1. Good to see you and walk the halls yesterday, LM. Hope they spring you soon.

  2. May all of the Greene boys kick some butt. The younger ones in baseball, and you in the hospital. Love you all.

  3. Ugh. So sorry about these symptoms. Is it a new chemo or the same stuff you got last time? Hope things will go easy. Go kick its ass, try to get some rest.

    1. Help to kicks its ass though. I'm sure if thing won't fare well, they might adjust it or switch things around. Hope you can tolerate the new chemo, I'm sure they gave you the real good stuff. So sorry that you are probably dealing with more flashbacks than anything else. But you know there is a light at the end of this. I remember when i was afraid of a relapse about 1 year post BMT, I loved to go to a neighborhood redwood tree, and i would stand below , laying my hands on the trunk, feeling the tree. I used then to look up to the canopy. There was no light coming through since it was a big redwood , but i always told myself - the sun is there, i can't see it, but i KNOW it is there, and i will break on through to the other side (enter Ray Manzarek on keys). TAJGKIA (Thinking About JG Kicking Its Ass)

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  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And positive, healing energy!!!

  6. Noooo!!! I just found out from Tripp. I'm soooo sorry you have to KICK ITS ASS AGAIN, JG. I mean you WILL (kick its ass, that is) but you have so many better things to do. I cannot believe this is happening after so long.
    I hope the chemo goes better in the coming days. Much love Philly Brother!

  7. I hate to hear how hard round 1 was for you-one day at a time as difficult as that can be. Sending love to you all from Colorado. Kaye

  8. Thought you'd appreciate this... :-)

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