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Flight of the Seabird

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Short, hopefully informative, bullet-style update today for y'all...


  • Dr. Damon said I'm doing great
  • My counts are exactly where the docs want them
  • We've decided that Martin is definitely the best option for my second transplant
    • a bunch of my current cells (e.g. B and T) are still actually his
    • we know my body will accept his cells
    • 11 years is pretty darn good -- but let's shoot for 30 this time!
    • even though I have potentially hundreds of 12/12 matches, we don't know that my body will accept any of them... we do know about Martin. :)
    • Martin and I video-chatted today and he's all in.  Here we go and DKMS!
  • Best case scenario is 2+ more weeks here; achieve remission; go home

Energy and side effects

  • Yesterday was probably highest energy day to date (thanks to two pints of blood)
  • Starting to fade a bit today... and these next few days aren't supposed to be good
  • I'll need platelets tomorrow
  • My gut is completely gone
    • The discomfort is increasing non-trivially :(
    • Not gonna describe the bathroom experience -- you're welcome.  (Bob, you're just going to have to use your imagination)


  • Was great to see everyone at PTM-LT and LT Company VO review yesterday -- great timing with the blood!


  • Eagles suck, but we still love them; great to see you Tripper
  • Phils season hangs in the balance of tonight's game (and then tomorrow's if they win tonight....)
  • Combo of Benji and Beeks == success
  • It's not happening consistently
  • Last two nights look something like this
    • Sleep from 11:30p to 3:00a
    • Watch Netflix from 3:00a to 5:00a
    • Sleep from 5:00a to 7:00a
OK.... getting tired and tummy hurts... lemme get this posted and rest.


  1. Woohoo Martin and good numbers! That is such great news. And for the good IT solutions I know Benji's been killin' it, so I'll just whisper "Thank you, Beeks" towards his dark silhouette in the parking garage... well, you know what I'm talking about.

    Hang in there, shmoopy, I'll talk to you soon.

  2. So glad to hear all the positive health news, especially that Martin will be your donor again. Think of it like a vow renewal ceremony or something. 😘

    1. Completely. We are blood brothers for life.

  3. JG, it's been a while.
    I'm Tatsuya, I used to be a support MGR in Japan. However, you may not remember me anymore. Yes, so a long time ago, I had raised a couple of emergency escalations and I got reprimand by you over the phone. lol
    It's a good memory now. 
    I was very surprised to hear about you from Kenji.
    But I know that you are immortal.
    Get well soon and let's go back to Japan to eat shellfish sashimi.
    I am praying for you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Great post. Phils are done. Keep kickin!

  5. Love this update! I completely agree with the Martin renewal ceremony idea posted above. and Tatsuya’s comment - wow - JG, you’ve got love comin from places you didn’t even realize. So soon home in your comfy bed.


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