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And I stare straight into the future, tell me what do you see?

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Well, I'd hoped to have a little more info by now, but I don't.  Maybe another message from Dr. D will trickle in later tonight, but for now, here's the situation:

  • I got a blood draw this morning, but I don't see any results in the patient portal -- weird
  • No results from the bone marrow biopsy are posted in the portal either -- ok...
  • I got a message earlier today from Dr. D saying that:
    • Appointment confirmed tomorrow for 8:45a
    • He's starting to see prelim results from the BMB but he needs more
    • If it's AML again, it's possible that I'll get admitted tomorrow for 4 weeks of chemo.... yaaaaaay!
    • But... it could be something else, and so it's also possible that there may be -- see how vague it is? -- outpatient options
    • Also, apparently UCSF is slammed so even if they want to admit me, it might be a few days before they can
So... nothing really to see here.

If they don't admit me, somehow, some way, I want to get out to Martinez this weekend: both Floyd and Orion have travel baseball tourneys.  Nothing like a Saturday of 14u and 12u travel baseball to keep your mind off of things, right?

Oh, and last night, just 'cause you never really know if you're gonna have tastebuds for long, Heather and I opened a nice bottle of Pinot.  I guess this is the grown-up version of "life is uncertain, eat dessert first."

As a matter of fact, I think there's about 1/3 of the bottle left, so I'm going to pour a nice glass and get ready for my hour with Wendell.  Who's Wendell?  Check out this book.

More tomorrow for sure.

I will kick its ass.


  1. Yes, my friend. Yes you will, with all of us behind and alongside you.

  2. Enjoy your book, your wine, your family time. We will be with you in spirit tomorrow with Dr. D. Or in real life if you like.

  3. Good job. Enjoy the present, so important. Will check out the book. We are here for the big and the little events, details. If we can make any of the above easier. And, of course, will be there for the foreseeable future of ass kicking. Autocorrect keyed is as ass licking. There will be no ass licking. As kicking. And humor. Always humor. We love you and the fam ❤️ Tammy and family

  4. More positive, healing energy, thoughts and vibrations coming your way!!!!!

  5. Happy you are enjoying the good bottles :-) Never too early for that. How lucky I feel to have shared one of yours with you and Heather… Well really more me and Heather (woops). Doesn’t take much to top my $11.99 bottle from PA’s fanciest Fine Wine and Good Spirits store. Love and strength ❤️

  6. Sending continued <<>> your way... ❤️



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