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This Has All Been Wonderful But Now I'm On My Way

Blogging Tunes: none; just the whir of the fans in the garoffice

For the non Phish fans, this blog title is a lyric from the song Down With Disease.  And that's about how I feel right now!  The past two Wednesdays I biked to work, with my San Rafael neighbor and Salesforce co-worker, Rob Lamb.  Not to the ferry, but all the way to work in San Francisco.  That's 22 miles, yo.  I think I can safely say that I went and kicked its ass at this point.  I have two doc appointments in a couple weeks -- Damon and Arron -- and I know in my heart, soul, and blood, that the news will continue to be good.

Yes, we are wearing dorky sfdc bike jerseys (thanks, Jay!)

Also, last Saturday we went to Saanvi's birthday party which was at a pool in Foster City.  Gaurav took some awesome pics, and when I saw this one...

3 Greene boys in the pool - 3 years later!

... I figured it was time to replace the old banner with something more current.

Old banner (Nov 2010)

New banner (Aug 2013)
Yeah, I know, the composition of the new banner isn't as good.  You graphic artist types will have to forgive me; I am le tired.

Three other quick points:

1) Martin and I continue to exchange emails just about every day.  I sent him some baby loot and he sent back this beautiful picture of Jenny and him holding the Sleeping Monkey onesie I got in Tahoe.  Can't wait to see their baby wearing all the Phish and Philly gear (what else would I send them?)

Why'd you send my monkey on the train?

2) Today was Floyd's first day of Kindergarten.  "Long nights, short years" has never rung more true.  Looks like Coleman is going to be great for him.

Phish shirt and a rainbow name tag - what more do you need?

3) I am on a mission (via Salesforce) to raise $250k for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society's Light the Night walk this year.  If you are so inclined, please consider supporting this great cause.  I'm trying to raise $10k of the $250k myself and my donation page is here; the Salesforce National Page is here.

$31k is awesome, but...

We're a long way from our goal, so we need your help.  Many thanks to those that have already donated. If you are interesting in walking in your city/town, click here to find the Walk nearest to you. e.g. here's a link to the Philly walk.

Salesforce CCE walking in 2011

I went and kicked its ass,



  1. Dude. Love the tone of this! Past tense ass kickage FTW. Mazel Tov! And the new bannorb rocks.

  2. Made me tear with happiness. I am so happy for you and your family. Way to go man, you always have been an inspiration to me.. and you still are.

    I hope I get a chance to see ya next time I'm in the Bay Area... Sangria? :)

    Way to go, You rock JG!

    <3 Tracie

  3. Your posts keep getting better and better - love it!

  4. Awesome post! Great photos!! :) :) :)

  5. Your signature says it all.

    Congratulations and love!!!

  6. Nice, man... and with Sophie just starting 2nd grade, I totally relate. Keep on kicking!



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