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Today I met with Dr. Steven Wang -- pronounced /wong/ -- a head and neck surgeon specializing in the treatment of benign and malignant disorders of the head and neck.  Here's his full bio.  He looked at my lip for about 1 minute and then we had a pretty simple discussion.  In short, his initial thought, which was to refer me to Dr. Sarah Arron, was correct.  Dr. Wang typically deals with bigger tumors and more serious surgeries.  Not that my lip situation isn't serious -- it's still cancer, and it may well be more serious than it appears -- but we have no way of knowing because the cancerous area on my lip is "not well defined."  This could be because I'm a BMT survivor or it could just be a co-inkee-dink.

But the reality is, the only way to know what we're really dealing with here is to do the Mohs surgery and see where we stand by checking the affected area(s) in realtime.  And apparently, when it comes to Mohs, Dr. Arron is the best in the biz.  So my next appointment is this Friday with her.  Alas, it's just a consultation, so who knows when we're actually going to do the surgery.

I'm trying to be a patient patient -- really, I am -- but can't we just get on with it?

More when I know more.



  1. Thanks for posting. As always, positive thoughts and energy coming your way....


  2. Mohs surgery sounds super cool. Congrats on getting the best in the biz on the case!!


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