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The Grass Was Greener

Blogging Tunes: Pink Floyd - Pulse Concert, Live at Earls Court 1994 -

It's been a weird 44 hours or so since they sent me home Wednesday.  Pretty quick in and out given the extent of the surgery (in at 9:15a, out at 2:30p) but considering Dr. Sarah Arron and "Super Z" (my nickname for her super-cool fellow) does 10-15 of these every Wednesday, I guess they have it down pat.

So how am I feeling?  I'm a bit low-energy but improving.  As I've said to the friends I've been texting with: "This took a lot out of me -- literally and figuratively."

Yesterday, I mostly rested, but today I feel like I can do a bit more, so I've been slowly catching up on work email and keeping tabs on the Boston situation. The biggest PITA is eating.  First day was all soup through a straw.  Now, at least, it's small bites of regular food.  Takes about 5-10x longer than usual though.

The question for the day is: to Trey or not to Trey.  My medical team cleared me to go to the show tonight, but I just don't know if I'll be up to it.  On the one hand, I feel like rest, rest, rest is the best thing.  On the other hand, getting out and enjoying a few hours of normalcy might be just what I need.  This will ultimately be a game time decision.  If I can get caught up on work, take a walk around the block, and still have energy, maybe I'll go.

This thing is going to bandaged for a few weeks at least, so I might as well get used it, right?

As promised, I've also uploaded a few pictures to  I would not advise clicking if you are squeamish in the least about surgical procedures. I can't imagine what it would have been like if this weren't "so superficial" (quote from Sarah and Z) -- I mean, it feels like half of my lip (in the affected section) is gone.  Of course it also looks worse because the area is 1) pumped up with numbing stuff 2) swollen.  Hopefully in a few days, everything will at least return to normal size.

  • Picture 1: area marked with purple ink and numbing agent applied (not too bad)
  • Picture 2: Mohs1 Stage 1 complete (WARNING!)
  • Picture 3: Mohs2 Stage 2 complete with additional numbing agent/swelling (WARNING!)
  • Picture 4: All Done (just a bandage)
And just so this entry isn't 100% gore and 0% fun, here's a pic of the boys from last Sunday on the Coleman/Dominican 101 overpass in San Rafael.  Floyd said, "let's walk into town to get breakfast," which is a far cry from the normal, "I just want to watch TV," so of course, I obliged and gave Heather a few hours off to boot:

Floyd does not get points for color coordination
Kicking away,



  1. The surgeon is fantastic. Looks like an improvement to me. Glad everything went well. Hoping for a speedy recovery!

  2. Nice pic of boys!

    And yes, I did look at the pictures of your lip... sending lots and lots of healing energy...

  3. Hoping for fast recovery ....positive energy and good thoughts heading your way

  4. Hope you're feeling better every day, JG! See you soon!


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