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Thank you to everyone who donated to Light the Night 2022. We raised almost $23,000!

Next up is the San Francisco Big Climb which takes place on April 29, 2023 at Oracle Park. More details on how to climb with us soon. Need a few more 2022 donations for tax purposes? No time like the present. :) My (still to be customized) fundraising page for the 2023 Big Climb is here.

Mohs Update 5: Finishing Up

Well, it's done. I'm going to look like someone who lost a fight for several weeks, but it went as good as it could. Dr. Aaron doesn't even want to do an MRI as she thinks it's extremely unlikely that the cancer invaded. Follow up in two weeks.

We're also not doing any repair or plastic surgery. Apparently, this is just going to..... heal. Doesn't seem possible to me considering what it looks like right now. And yes, I took pictures, and no I'm not going to post them here. At some point I will upload them to and provide a link for those brave souls who want to see.

Now I gotta get home and rest. Ice for 15 mins of every hour on this big pressure dressing. Tomorrow, just a bandage. Oh, and I'm probably going to have to shave my whole face since they needed to shave quite a bit for the dressing adhesive.

The weirdest thing about this whole experience was the smell of burning flesh when they were stopping the bleeding after removing the cancerous cells. Couldn't feel it, but could smell it. Wacky.

More soon.

-jg (iPhone)


  1. Great news!!! Thanks so much for blogging!! :) <3

  2. &%#* awesome!! Cue the Rocky theme

    Re: looking like you lost a fight: tell people "you should see the other guy"

  3. Woo-hooo!! Couldn't hope for a better result. Congrats, dude.. Kicking ass isn't even a thing for you anymore. :)

    Rock and also roll. Mostly rock.

    Hugs to you.


  4. So happy for you and the family dude! You were in my thoughts yesterday and today.

    I have a hard time picturing you looking tough though... ;)

  5. Great news, John. You can remove that badge from your header graphic now :)


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