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Saw Dr. Sarah Arron last Friday.  Mohs surgery is the way to go and she's gonna do it.  It is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 4/17.  She just tacked me on to her schedule for the day, so that's a good sign -- i.e. she doesn't think it will take very long.

She will just get rid of the bad stuff, look at it under the 'scope, and repeat until there's no more bad stuff.  She will also then determine whether the bad cells have spread at all.  If they haven't, this should be reasonably straight-forward (if you consider having body parts cut away and reconstructed with plastic surgery straight-forward.)

There's a lot of waiting involved between actual skin removal, so maybe I'll live-blog the whole thing -- yes, I'll be awake during the surgery.

Supposed to go to see TAB in Oakland Friday.  Not sure if that's gonna happen.  Anyone want my tix if I can't go?

That's it for now.



  1. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow! XOXOXO

  2. Sending positive thoughts and healing energy...
    We love you very much.

  3. Congrats on getting in quickly! Good luck with the procedure. Keep us posted! :-D Hugs and love your way . . . .

  4. Thinking of you today, John. I trust the surgery will go well and you'll be up and at 'em in no time!


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