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Sometimes You're the Windshield

Blogging Tunes: Dire Straits - Ticket to Heaven

Real quick update.

The Good:

  • Finally feeling better after having a nasty cold (whatever the kids had) for a couple weeks
  • Energy level up a bit (but not quite to the level of January) -- hoping to start biking to the Ferry again
  • Heather's mom is here for two weeks!  (Yes!)
    • Heather had surgery on her wrist - carpel tunnel stuff
    • Short term pain, long term joy
  • Floyd turned 4 and is doing great; Orion is better after a bout with hand, foot, and mouth.  Oy.
  • I'm loving my job and CRM had a great quarter; also the new campus is nixed
  • Finally ditched my PoS Blackberry for an iPhone 4S.  Sooooooo much better.  Best part is that 94 WYSP streams perfectly over 3G via app.
  • Big forkin' tax return this year -- ah, the joys of home "ownership"; now I gotta reswizzle my withholdings at work so I actually take some of that home vs. giving it to Uncle Sam each month.
The Bad:
  • My good friend Rich "Ding Ding Wikki" has cancer.  He's blogging about it.  Kick its ass, Rich!
  • My upper-body pain isn't really much better.  They upped my Tac level to 3.5mg (from 3) and started me on a little Prednisone to hopefully relieve the inflammation.  Not really happy about this as it's affecting my sleep and (it seems) my mood
The Ugly:
  • Drove down to San Jose only to see the Sharks score on the first shot of the game against the Flyers.  Final score: 1-0. Ugh.
Kicking the best I can,



  1. Good to hear you and the family are doing well. I agree, sometimes you have to be the Perth windscreens.


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