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I'm finishing up a mediocre Panda Express lunch at the UCSF cafeteria after a rare mid-day appointment.  I usually get a burrito from Carmelina's, but I didn't want messy fingers as I'm working as I stuff my face.

The combination of the Prednisone and the 0.35 Tac really hasn't done shit for all my upper-body pain, soreness, stiffness, etc.  So Dr. Damon wants me to go back up to 0.4mg on the Tac.  I agreed as long as we can stop the Prednisone.  The side effects were mild, but they were real: hard to sleep; more irritable; etc.

So we'll go up to the 0.4 and see how it goes.  0.4 was the magic number back in December when my energy-level was great and before all this upper-body stuff, so hopefully this'll do the trick.

I'll be on a plane for 6 hours tomorrow, so maybe I'll write some more.  For those who haven't been following, I've been invited to sit on the keynote panel at the NCCN's annual conference on Thursday.  Just in time too... it's gonna rain for the rest of the week in SF, but it's gonna be 80 every day in Hollywood, FL.

A few quick pics of the big double-bday party we had at the Bay Area Discovery Museum (badm) on Saturday:

Orion at the party

Floyd gettin' all dressed up

Gramma the champion cake decorator

Orion's "Truckin" cake and Floyd's "Stealie" cake (Steal your cake?)

The kicking continues,



  1. Awesome Truckin' and Stealie cakes!!! That stealie couldn't be better!


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