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Streets Are Uneven

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Very quick update since I never seem to get time for the long ones.  My team thinks I've developed another occurrence of GVHD (graft vs host disease.)  This doesn't adversely affect my (chances of a full) recovery, but it is a royal pain in that this GVH comes in the form of major muscle/joint soreness and decreased range-of-motion.  It's mostly in my hands, wrists, arms, and upper body, but fortunately none if it prevents me from doing every day stuff like working, driving, even biking to the Ferry, which I haven't done in a few weeks because I've been so tired (fighting off whatever the kids have.)  Still, I need to be careful. Routine things like extending my arm to hold a door open behind me can cause shocking pain.

So, we had a couple of options at my last clinic visit (eight days ago.) We could either increase the Tacrolimus dose in an attempt to whack away the GVH, or we could leave the dose as is (at 0.3 mg) and see what happens.  Remember, the goal is for me to get completely off this stuff.  Of course I chose the latter.

The good news is, the soreness/pain/range-of-motion stuff hasn't gotten any worse. The bad news is, it hasn't really gotten any better. So we're kind of in a holding pattern. In the meantime, I've started some Physical Therapy so I can work on rebuilding some of the muscles within the confines of what's going on.  One thing that sucks is I can't bend my wrists more than about 45 degrees, so push-ups and plank are out of the question.

I really want to start swimming at least one day per week before work, but I have yet to make that happen.  Just too tired in the morning. Need to get that energy-level back to where it was in early Jan.

A couple points of interest and then some fun pics.  First of all, a sweet East Coast Style Deli just opened in the Montecito Plaza in San Rafael (walking distance from our house.)  It's Miller's Deli and it's the real deal.  They are still working out some kinks, but I'm willing to put up with it since I can get a corned-beef special on rye that looks like this:

Corned Beef Special (half) with a side of mac.
Orion lovin the sandwich

Speaking of good eats, Tripp hosted another amazing Super Bowl party this year with awesome food from that Asian place across from the Safeway on Noriega (west of 30th Ave.) -- no idea what it's called.  Check out the pig, the noodles, and the crispy wings... oh crispy wings:

Insert Homer Simpson-like bloated sound here

Not really caring who won, and having placed no prop bets (let alone game bets), it was all about the Squares. Finally, good luck was on my side.  Orion won the 4th quarter square on the big board. After buying in and kicking down some of my winnings for various party expenses, I was +$140 on the day. Not bad!

Baby needs a new Iggles jersey

In other news, I've been asked to sit on the featured keynote panel at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network's (NCCN) annual conference in Hollywood, Florida next month.  The panel, moderated by Sam Donaldson is called "Cancer and Corporate America: Business as Usual?" Right up my alley, eh?

FedEx from Sam Donaldson

Finally, here's a pic of Floyd looking somewhat Yoda-like in his new robe.

After shower, warm and dry, I am.

Kickin the best I can,



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  2. Actually, they were already enabled. Not sure what's up, Matty. I re-toggled and saved settings, so maybe try again? If you're logged into gmail it should just work.

  3. Wow, time has sure flown! Orion looks so huge to me - bet it's even harder to keep up with him in the back yard :)


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