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You Can Ride It If You Like

Blogging Tunes: Furthur - 2011-12-29 - Bill Graham Auditorium

Today was a pretty friggin awesome day.  I biked to the Ferry as part of my commute to work for the first time ever.  Oh yeah, I biked down to the Larkspur landing and to my chemo-booster appointments before when I was in remission (pre-transplant) but that was a whole different deal.  That was during the day, nice weather, and I was in better shape.

Today, it was chilly, and the sun was barely peeking up when I left at 7:25a.  I made up my mind the night before and got everything all ready.  Of course, I still wound up getting a late start and had to ride a little faster than I wanted to -- missing the 7:50 was not an option.

The ride was exhausting.  Not used to that kind of cardio, certainly not that early in the morning, but 3.5 miles and a few dozen loogies later, I made it -- barely.  I tagged my clipper card at 7:46am and had 4 minutes to lock my bike and get on the boat.  They have a great bike rack inside the paid area, so it's way more secure than parking at the racks in the parking lot.

By the time I got on, there were no seats, so I sat on the floor and did my usual 30 minutes of email on my laptop and LameBerry.

I'll spare you the details of a grueling day of customer escalations and meetings... the ride home was (surprisingly) much easier.  I thought I was going to be dead tired, but I was fine. We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning, but as long as the weather stays nice, I think I'll try it again.

Of course, if I start riding 7+ miles a day, I'm going to have to eat more. I'm still hanging around 146, which is OK, but not great. Even Monday's deep-fried Winter Classic fiesta at Tripp's didn't pack on any pounds:

Wings, Shrimp Balls, Poppers, (homeade) Crab Rangoon, and Green Beans

Deep Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Fries

I'm talkin' DEEP

Monday was a fun break, but other than that, I didn't take much time off from work. In fact, Thursday and Friday was a juggling act of sorts, because Heather got a pretty bad migraine. I would trade my leukemia for a lot of things, but migraines are not one of them. Fortunately, she felt better by New Years Eve day, so I was able to use the tickets that Cyril (of the Kezar Pub) got me and I took Floyd to his first ever pro basketball game!

Floyd in Heather's Iverson jersey

Dippin dots

Sixers crushed 'em

Fireworks - LOUD!

Other fun holiday adventures included a bike ride to the fan store in San Rafael and trips to the Discovery Museum and Academy of Sciences.

Now, what about my counts?  Well, next Monday, I see my team.  It'll have been four weeks since my last visit. I went down to 0.3mg on the Tacrolimus about 3 weeks ago -- hence the increased energy. But as I mentioned, my weight still isn't moving, and, although my legs seem to be ok, the rest of my muscles are extremely sore. My Doc hinted that muscle soreness may be coming. It's not as bad as this article, but who knows, maybe there's a little GVHD going after all.  More after my appointment.

Finally, here's a pic of our the front of our holiday card. There are few more folks we wanted to hit, but we placed our order before we finalized our count. Sorry if we missed you:

Peace & Love, Peace & Love....

The source pics from this shoot will go up on our flickr (which is in dire need of an update) soon.

Ass to the kick,



  1. Awww!!! So happy, you sound great! I LOVE these pics! The boys are getting so big!
    Miss your face, hope all is mucho mejor... ;)
    Hugs and kisses to you and the fam!
    Feliz ano! Here's to an epic 2012!!!!!

  2. Awesome! Glad to hear you're back on the bike! Bike to boat... not a bad way to commute.
    -Marcus E.

  3. Loving this post. And, drooling on those deep fry pics. Keep up said arsekickin' my friend,

  4. MY OH MY!! That picture of Floyd with the Dippin' Dots is a WINNER!! See you all soon!! Gramma...

  5. So happy to see another great post! So glad you were able to bike to the ferry!! :)

  6. Hey

    Glad that the talked about ride to worked out!


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