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And My Friends They Come Around

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I really don't know how to write this blog entry.  When this craziness first started for my family last November, it was all about us.  I was the center of a screwed-up universe where we didn't know if I was going to live or die. During my battle and throughout my continued recovery, I have gotten deeply involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and have met (and am working with) some incredibly strong people fighting their own incredible battles.  My universe has expanded and it seems that I have found a mission of sorts.

This is a picture of me and one of the most amazing fighters I met this year.  It was taken just before the Light the Night walk in San Francisco.

jg and Patrick

The fighter is Patrick Landers and it is with deep sorrow and pain that I reluctantly report that Patrick lost his battle with Lymphoma on Monday due to complications following his bone marrow transplant.  He is survived by his wife Christine and his two boys: Aidan and Ty. Words cannot express the emotions I feel as I write this, but I guess this will have to do: not fair; sad; pissed off; sucks; hate cancer; not fair; sorrow; not fair; anger; not fair; fight.

Over the next several weeks, we expect some kind of Landers Foundation to be created through the San Francisco Giants.  We hope that you will play a part.  Oliver Demuth and I will lead the charge.  If you are interested in contributing, please visit this blog often for updates.  I will post updates related to the Foundation as well as info on how you can help Christine and the Landers family.

A Note about Light the Night. For the 2011 walk, the San Francisco Giants Love for Landers team raised over $85k for Light the Night, blowing away second place who raised $58k.  For more information about Light the Night, please visit: main site | san francisco chapter

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  1. Jay Gee, what a tribute. I was madly in love with my account manager. He fought a good fight but, like you, I am hurting, hurting real bad.


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