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If the Sun Refused to Shine

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So has it really come to this?  Has life returned so closely to normal (no!) that I can honestly go an entire month without posting?

While it is certainly true, from a macroscopic level, that "no news is good news," and while my Doctor used words like "terrific" to describe how I'm doing, there continues to be plenty of challenges with my recovery. I just have so little time to do anything other than work, work, work, family, family, and sleep.  Oh and watch the occasional season-ending football game. Way to go, Beagles.

So this update will be short:

  • my counts are good
  • going back down to 0.4mg Tac
  • clinic visits down to one every three weeks
  • still as fatigued as I was 3 months ago, but somehow working the Salesforce pace

By the way, I am hiring.  Here's what I posted on LinkedIn: CCE is hiring in San Francisco and Dublin. Our team is growing as fast as it is brilliant. Come join the hottest team in the entire R&D Organization. Contact me for details. San Francisco link: Dublin link:

Anyway, back to the update:
  • still need 8.5 hours of sleep (minimum) to function
  • neuropathy (in hands and feet, worst in feet) still a major PITA
  • various muscle pain/strain on the lightest of activities
  • family is great

But all this means squat compared to the sh*t that some of my friends are going through. Patrick, Abigail, Gilly, I think about you guys every day. I know you're going to fight your way through this.

If anyone reading has a few extra prayers to spare, please think of may PAG gang. They need your positive thoughts more than I do right now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Remember how good we have it. Every day is a gift. Except maybe for Andy Reid. For him, every day is a cheeseburger. :)




  1. Just discovered this new post. (I got accustomed to seeing a link on Facebook.) "Terrific" is terrific! So much to be thankful for.

    Sending lots and lots and lots of healing energy to Patrick , Abigail and Gilly. And to you.


  2. I'll be keeping PAG in my thoughts for you (and them), I hope their situation's ass is as kickable as yours has turned out to be... though I greatly credit who YOU are in that particular ass-kicking. I love that you are able to focus on and master whatever you turn your sights toward, be it mastering Galaga, playing keyboards with only your left hand, or kicking leukemia's ass. It's one of the things I respect most about you, bro.

    Keep up the kicking, and let's talk soon.


  3. my friend got a stage 4 acute leukemia ... she in London at this moment and under go a bone marrow transplant . but she s still in the ICU fighting for her life . is there any chance she can survive this terrible desease


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