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Even the Losers... Get Lucky Sometimes

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So I may wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to Philly sports, but I am not delusional.  The Flyers have no chance at winning this series.  I don't think they even have a chance in Game 4.  It's not that I have lost faith in them, it's that they have lost faith in themselves.  Hell, if TB can sweep the Craps, then the Broons can sweep the Flyers.  Boston/Tampa ECF?  Bye-bye ratings.  Oh well, at least most of my Flyers buddies have baseball season to pick up the slack.  Of course one of my buds is a misguided Mutts fan.  If there's no football this year, he's got a lonnng summer ahead of him.

Big thanks to Brandon, Sean; and Tripper, Freebird, Drew for comin up for Games 1 and 2 respectively.  I'm still not very mobile, so it was great to have visitors.  Alas, I know many of you don't give a flying fork about Philly sports, so here's the update.

First of all, a HUGE shout out to my brother who ran a 10 mile race (Broad Street Run) last weekend to raise money for BMT awareness and leukemia research.  His goal was to raise $1000, and he killed that by over 230%.  Here's his page if you want to check it out.  Way to go, BoM, and thanks to all the people who donated.

Also, big thanks to Bud for coming to stay with us for a few days and helping with Orion.  We still have open dates on the calendar, so if you want to come visit to help, just peek on the Helping Hands calendar for openings.  If you don't have access, just let me know and I'll share it with you (you'll need a gmail addy.)

Now, about me.  Minus the hockey debacle, this has been a good week.  I'm starting to get a little more energy back, and I've actually stabilized my weight.  I'm still way below where I should be (approx 148lb) but at least I'm stable.  My appetite has increased slightly, so I'm able to eat bigger meals.  Heather makes me one of those weight-gain shakes every day too.

(soon I'll look like this guy - Beefcake!)

I had another clinic visit yesterday and my doctor says things are looking great.  My counts are exactly where they want to see them.  The kidney function looks fine and I haven't been bothered by any pain -- so who knows what's up with the stone.  Maybe it's happily surfing in my bladder.

The only thing they want to see is the littlest bit of GVHD.  Right now, there's none, zero, zilch.  This isn't necessarily bad, and in fact, it's possible that it's very very good.  But the docs usually like to see a smidge of GVHD.  I say, eff that.  I don't want it, I don't need it.  Full recovery w/o GVHD here I come.  I'll keep you posted on this.

Gramma and Floyd arrived Wednesday -- Floyd had gone to stay with Heather's mom for two weeks in Massachusetts while I had zero energy -- it's really great to have him back.  Gramma did a great job helping him start potty training. Today he's even wearing big boy underpants to day care.  He agreed to wear underpants primarily because "Jerry does".  Hey, whatever works.  Here's a pic of Floyd and me from this morning:

Here's another pic from this weekend when Heather and I went to look at play structures for the yard.  Orion was having a great time on the swing.

Visitors are more than welcome now that I have some energy.  I've already had two this week (in addition to the hockey folks).  Was great to see you Nina and Brad.

OK, time to take my morning walk.  Today, I'm going to walk to the Social Security office in San Rafael -- gotta fill out one more form related to disability benefits.  Oy.   According to google maps it's 0.7 miles.  I think I can do that.

Talk to y'all soon.  Come visit!



  1. Awesome update, bro. Interesting about the total lack of GVHD activity. Way cool.. hope it stays that way.

    Keep kickin' ass!!!!

  2. So glad to hear the appetite is coming back, John, and all the counts are good. Keep kickin it!


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