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Come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner

Blogging Tunes: David Gilmour - Live at Gdansk

"Uncle" Matt Schaeffer, my sister in-law's brother, is staying with us this week.  He's been here since Sunday and has been helping out a ton.  He's got two young boys of his own (in Philly) so he knows the drill.  Floyd loves playing baseball and "doing iPad" with Uncle Matt, so they are really hitting if off.  I don't have any pics of them yet, but I'll take some and post on my next entry.

Here's one of Uncle Matt with Orion:

Speaking of hitting, it was nice to see the Phils bust out last night (10-3 win over the Reds) in Utley's 2011 debut.

(Dude's shirt says "METS SUCK" - haha)

(Chooch was safe -- bad call, blue)

Matt drove me to my clinic visit yesterday.  I saw one of the doctors and one of the fellows on Dr. Damon's team. They essentially said that of any "Day +53" recovering stem cell marrow transplant patients, I'm in the best shape they've ever seen.  Now that's pretty f*ckin cool.

I'm still tired most of the time, but I feel like the energy level is picking up a bit this week, which is great. Still no hair growth, except the tiniest of whiskers coming in on my mustache -- not sure if you can see in this pic.

(jg - 5/24/2011) 

This is a far cry from how I looked oh, 15 years ago.  I know these pics are really scary, but since Jackson sent me a bunch of old yeP! pics this week, I had to post these two classics.

(scary jg with Tocchet jersey, mullet, floods, and Docksides.  OH MY!)

(scary jg from the back -- holy jeez!)

Still haven't heard my old band?  Check out some of the shows on the Live Music Archive.

Let's see... what else is going on?  In addition to shelling out way to much cash on play structure for the kids (coming this Thursday), it's clear that we're going to need to re-landscape a little in the backyard. The previous owners put the patio stones down waaaay too close to the big redwood.  The stones are already being pushed up by the roots:

So we're gonna pull everything back about a foot.  Not sure when though.

Last but not least, had a rockin quarter.  Too bad my stock stops vesting while I'm on leave.  Just another incentive to get back to work sooner than later!  salesforce is an amazing place to work.  Check out the job ops on our careers site, and let me know if you're interested in anything.

I will kick its ass,



  1. Can't wait till your back in the saddle at salesforce and rockin it.

  2. Hey, glad you finally got that yeP! archive! I enjoyed noticing the old keyboard stand (the slanted column one) in the background of one of those pictures... in addition to your hoodlum-looking face.

    Get woekin' on that facial hair, you'll be back to the mid-90s in no time. Love ya, bud... we've got a chance for some Sox-Phils action if things keep going right!


  3. Great post! Great comment from docs! Great pic of Matt and Orion! Love you! :)

  4. Off topic, but I've noticed a lot of the classics in your blogging tunes. Curious to know if you ever listen to anything from the past 10 years? If so what do you recommend? Always looking for new stuff...

  5. @Jason: Not much from this decade, and i really didnt dig most ofnthe stuff from the 90s -- e.g. Seattle stuff. At my last job, i had to listen to a ton of Top 40 and R&B -- some of it was ok, but most of it was shiite. There are decent jam bands out there now, but i prefer GD and Phish over all of them.

    Maybe Matty Nabib can comment on some of his current choices.

    Btw, that Gilmour was from 2006 or 2007. That's pretty recent :)

  6. Thanks for the link to the yeP! archive - totally excited to listen to some of that.



  7. Sweet post! Awesome to see continued progress. Sorry you've got some peripheral neuropathy. Is that why you're getting mag?

    STNG is best stuff. Fist Full of Datas and Datas Brain are two faves as well. :)

    Anyhoo.. so glad you're doing well. You sounded good the other night as well.



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