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Well I'm... Hot Blooded

... It aint no fun,
I got a fever of a hundred and one.
Antibiotics; losing my hair,
I'm hot blooded, I'm hot blooded.

Day +9 is serious nadir-ville. Fever spiked last night -- first fever of 2011. My head felt hot and my legs were cold. Like the mouth issues, fevers are very common given the state of my immune system. Chest xray was negative; blood cultures still out.

One little trick is to put an ice pack on your neck. So if you're on your side, you put your head on the pillow and there's a natural space for the ice pack between your neck and the bed. Cools your blood a bit.

Appetite is reduced, and mouth still hurts so I'm using the viscous lidocaine early and often. Also just took 5mg of oxy. I really try to stay away from pain meds, but I need a day to just relax and feel better.

Another day of golf, baseball, and naps for me.

(left to right: golf on tiny TV, baseball on the iPad, blog/email/IM on lappie)

Oh and WTF is up with Pia getting voted off? She's 10x better than that twit, Stefano. Weak.



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  1. If there is something good to be said about nadirville, it is that now you'll be on your way up. See what your doctors think about Caphosol for the oral mucositis. It is a calcium & phosphate rinse. I worked in an oral medicine clinic and saw our patients get great relief. And Stefano gots to go!

  2. I must tell you that the verification word I had to type was "whobong". Hee hee.

  3. Sending lots of love and positive vibes buddy. Hang in there...

  4. De Best Stuff coming at you, my friend... Crazy week, but when you are back on the upswing MAYBE I'll let you kill my prace for old times sake ;-). NO more Dorcas games for you, ever! Hang in there, keep us apprised... May that new immune OS of yours be as rocking as the Blackberry Bold with OS6.

  5. Hang in there JG. I think of you often and need to write more.

  6. That is crazy about Pia! You will feel better soon!

  7. I had a dream you were a tire last night. I woke up and you were bald. Hair today, gone tomorrow! Thank you.. I'll be here all week.

    Dude.. I invited your ass twice in my iPhone game app for cribbage. My apple ID: (wave instead of wawe). Kir your prace.

    Stay cool.


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