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There's a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today...

Absolutely excruciating stomach (gas?) pains today. And I mean excruciating. I have not been in so much pain, for an extended period of time, since I broke my collar bone (in two places) in seventh grade.

Every time we thought we had it under control, it came back stronger. The worst came after Heather left - she was here to get the big lesson in home care since I'm going home tomorrow.

I literally got on my hands and knees (on the bed) and tried deep breathing while moving my hips around, trying to contain the pain and the accompanying moans/screams.

Finally they gave me some IV med, dilaudid, which put me on a different planet but took away the pain. It's been a couple hours, so it's wearing off. I feel a tiny twinge of pain, but nothing like before. I'm praying hard that it doesn't come back. Not sure I can take it again. Gonna get another dose of dilaudid if I can.

OK, that's it for now. Sorry for the downer of a post.



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  1. Wow any reason that should be expected? Or just random? I hope it wasn't the soup :-(

    Positive vibes from northern NJ,

  2. Coming from the guy who knows how to fart better than anyone, that must of been serious.

    I hope all pain drifts away as the Flyers kick the gas out of Buffalosers.

    Looking forward to watching some games with ya when we get back from the east coast.

  3. I take it back. Passing the kidney stone (a few years ago) was just as painful. Hmmmm... I wonder. Prob best to do an x-ray before they discharge me.

  4. Actually.. I thought it sounded like a kidney stone from what you described. Sorry, dude.. What a pain!!!

  5. Instead of an X-Ray, get an MRI and ask for the DVD of your innards. You can download a free 3D viewer and take a cruise through your body. I highly recommend it!


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