Thank you to everyone who came out to THE BIG CLIMB on 4/30/2022 at Kezar Stadium! It was a a great event. The Team Greene page and my personal fundraising page are still accepting donations if you'd like to contribute.

I like to be Here When I Can

Resting in my own bed. Phils on the iPad. Everyone wearing #42. Bedroom window open. Sunny, mild, with a nice breeze outside. No more hospital smells. Oswalt Ks the first batter.

Today is about 1000% better than yesterday.



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  1. Glad to hear that John. I hope each day is a 1000% better than the last!

  2. Ahhh, sleeping in one's own bed. Such a simple pleasure. Hope this helps you bounce back faster :)

    So glad to hear the good news about the transplant taking...Cri and I are following your journey with bated breath...

    With much love,


  3. Wh-frickin-ew!!! So.. they got the stone out? Jesus.. As if you needed that kind of pain in the middle of all this. But hey - might as well have all the health shit taken care of at the same time. Sheesh. Butt hay.

  4. Thank goodness... I just basically got back into the saddle with everything but work and home life after my business trip - what a drag, on top of everything. I'm really glad to see that you made it home anyway, and that the pain is relieved somewhat. Being at home has to cure a lot of what ails you.

    Let's keep that 1000% per day rate of improvement going, ok?

    Rock on, bro.



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