May 31, 2024: jgwkia has moved to substack

JGWKIA (jg will kick its ass) has moved to substack. You can access (and subscribe to) it by clicking here.

The full URL to my substack is There will be no more new posts here, and eventually will point there, not here. Bye bye Blogger!

I like to be Here When I Can

Resting in my own bed. Phils on the iPad. Everyone wearing #42. Bedroom window open. Sunny, mild, with a nice breeze outside. No more hospital smells. Oswalt Ks the first batter.

Today is about 1000% better than yesterday.



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  1. Glad to hear that John. I hope each day is a 1000% better than the last!

  2. Ahhh, sleeping in one's own bed. Such a simple pleasure. Hope this helps you bounce back faster :)

    So glad to hear the good news about the transplant taking...Cri and I are following your journey with bated breath...

    With much love,


  3. Wh-frickin-ew!!! So.. they got the stone out? Jesus.. As if you needed that kind of pain in the middle of all this. But hey - might as well have all the health shit taken care of at the same time. Sheesh. Butt hay.

  4. Thank goodness... I just basically got back into the saddle with everything but work and home life after my business trip - what a drag, on top of everything. I'm really glad to see that you made it home anyway, and that the pain is relieved somewhat. Being at home has to cure a lot of what ails you.

    Let's keep that 1000% per day rate of improvement going, ok?

    Rock on, bro.



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