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JGWKIA (jg will kick its ass) has moved to substack. You can access (and subscribe to) it by clicking here.

The full URL to my substack is There will be no more new posts here, and eventually will point there, not here. Bye bye Blogger!

I Am So Tired

Zero energy continues, so this post will be very short. Somehow, some way, they are sending me home tomorrow. yeP!, you read correctly, I'm finally going home. I'm barely strong enough to stand up but I can't wait to see my kids and sleep in my own bed, so I'll make it.

It's going to be a long, long road to recovery (several months) but at least I'll be able to eat. I cannot even look at a UCSF tray without feeling sick now. Everything just looks and smells gross. Fortunately, Brown brought me some Won Ton Soup last night -- I ate it all. Should do me for a day or so.

Heather is coming in a few hours for a tutorial on how to take care of my central line and deal with my meds. Need to nap so I'm ready.

Let's see how you do against Halladay, Jayson (ya puke!)


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  1. great news, JG... so happy for you!! tomorrow is a big day - BACK HOME!!!!!!

    Kick its ass!!!

  2. W00t!! Congrats, man.. Good luck headin' home! :)

  3. Wowie...that's so awesome! Can't wait to visit you at home next weekend

  4. WooHoo! Great to gear you are on your way home!


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