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Dragged Down by the Stone...

Great. Just $@(!?#% great. I have a 10mm kidney stone. Exactly what I need. At least now we know why I was in so much pain last night. Now the question is... what do we do? Do I have to stay here? Can they break it up? 10mm is way too big to pass naturally.

I am seriously going out of my mind. The are no words to describe my anger. Serves me right for having any kind of expectations about today. Go home, see my kids, watch the Flyers, sleep in my own bed. That's lookin like it's gonna be 0-for-4 right about now.

Unbelievable, just un-be-f*ucking-lievable.




  1. Well, at least it's 1 out of 4. Watching Flyers via Slingbox. Blackout schmackout, eh, Tripper?

    No news yet on the plan for the stone. Will comment when I know more.

  2. Good luck... I think they can do something to break it up so you can pass it.

  3. Ouch! I've had one before. You aren't lying about the pain.

    One more A to K, just what you need. :(

    Hang tough, bud. KIA.

  4. That totally sucks Jaggu. Sorry you had this crap hit you.

    Hang in there. You've KIA so far and will do it again. Think about the little ones to stay strong.

  5. Dude, i've had one before, i feel for ya. A woman i know says "it's way worse than childbirth", and that's sayin' somthing.

    I drank a mixture of olive oil and lemon twice a day, somehow it went away. There's also the "drink 2 2-liter bottles of CocaCola all at once" trick.

  6. John, went through that little stone-peeing exercise last year. Sure it hurts - as match as giving birth according to my nurse who had experienced both (though not at the same time and I don't remember in which order ...) Anyway: they'll manage to make it go, that's the easy part for the doctors; Keep focus on the other stuff, and go on kicking its ass !

  7. sucks man... can't catch a break.

  8. I'm so sorry to read this, JG. Don't let the 10 mm stuff drag you down. You're kicking BIG ass. You can handle 10 mm.

    Get home soon my friend!

  9. Sucks, John, sorry to hear it. But little bump on a long road. Just a little bit of extra ass kickin'

  10. Uggghhh... so sorry. Sending vibes to break it up! Get out soon.


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