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Today is "Day +2" -- two days after my stem cell marrow transplant and the second day of baseball season.  My appetite is still down, and the taste buds are off in la-la land, but I'm able to eat small meals and snacks pretty consistently.  My weight is dropping, but only a little.  During my induction, there were a few weeks there where I really couldn't eat at all.  Can't let that happen this time, so I'm taking marinol as needed for nausea and "appetite stimulation."

Now some of you (you know who you are!) probably just started grinning ear to ear, but believe it or not, I'm not really into it.  My head is already foggy (see chemo-brain below) so I'm trying to take as few drugs as possible, especially those that make you loopy.  And marinol definitely makes you loopy.

Only other side effects I'm feeling now are fatigue and chemo-brain.  One nap a day and a little extra Zs at night and I feel reasonably well-rested.  Still, little things like taking showers, playing piano, and doing laps tire me out pretty quickly.

[Damn, Halladay looks good].

I hope the chemo-brain effects are short-lived.  Doctors call it "mild cognitive impairment," and I've definitely experienced (to some degree) all of the items listed in that "What is Chemo Brain" section of that ACS web page.  Ummm, my life and work are crazy enough -- fast pace, multi-tasking required -- I don't need an extra level of difficulty, thank you very much

My counts continue to drop, so I'll probably get some blood this weekend or next week.  Other than that, there's really not much to report -- no news is very good news.  No fever, no other signs of problems, so hopefully the stem cells are finding there way into my bones.  All going according to plan.

Smart phone update: still no news on my BlackBerry.  If the laundry company can't find it today, I think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and get another one.

My team of Doctors just came in and remarked how nice it is in my room.  I guess it's been pretty warm in San Francisco the last few days (not that I'd know) and since most hospital floors don't have A/C, the rooms and halls tend to get warm when it's hot and sunny.  BMT rooms are special, though -- they have A/C and some crazy air purification system to help reduce airborne risks.  From my doctor, "If you're bored out of your mind for the next two weeks, that's the best thing possible."

And finally, for today's pic.

(Raffi says: "kick its ass, jg!")

I will kick its ass,



  1. We missed you at the pool this morning and look forward to your return! Kick it's ass!

  2. OK, so I read the symptoms of overdose and have decided that Inappropriate Happiness will make an excellent album and/or autobiography title. Dibs.


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