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There Were Days Between

Blogging Tunes: Grateful Dead - 9/24/91 / ATL@PHI baseball pre-season (ESPN)

Today is "Day -5" -- that is, 5 days until my new birthday.  I heard a rumor that they will actually bring me a birthday cake on the transplant day (March 30) since, in a sense, I'm being reborn.  At least I won't be "born again."

Note: I'm assuming any readers that would be offended by the "born again" comment would have stopped reading long ago when they noticed how much Stern I listen to.  "Howard?  They did a terrible thing!  Nobody came, nobody cawled."

The chemo is going pretty well.  No nausea (yet) and the appetite is still up (Tripp came with a half-order of fatty, greasy, oh-so-yummy duck from that place on Noriega between 30th and 31st Ave across from Safeway) but the groggy/tiredness is starting to set in.  I'm forcing myself to walk as much as possible, even though it's easier to just sit and watch TV, especially with the NCAA tourney on.  Also, Benji brought me a 4G wireless hotspot thingie so I finally have enough bandwidth to watch shows via DVR/Slingbox.  I have 4 "Chicago Code" episodes to catch up on.

Yesterday, while walking, I saw something that made me cry.  There was a baby, probably under 2, being wheeled on a gurney, binky in mouth, hooked up all the chemo stuff.  I stopped dead in my tracks for a few seconds and then just had to keep walking so I didn't have a little meltdown right on the spot.  So glad this is happening to me and not Floyd or Orion.  Not sure how I'd handle it if it were happening to one of my kids.  If there is anyone reading this who is (or knows anyone who is) dealing with that situation, my heart goes out to you.

Somewhat related, there's a GD and cancer related movie that just came out: The Music Never Stopped. actually has a related page to tell your Dead-related healing story.  Since I listen to so much Dead in the hospital, I think mine qualifies.  So if they ever send my password confirmation email, I'll post. [Update: got my account verified, so I posted over there.]

On a lighter note, I've been remiss in posting some more jgwkia pics, so here are two:

(Mike and Yasha) 

(Scott "Scottie, get us some Boston gigs" Kaufman)

And for those of you paranoid about wearing a cap with the word "ass" on it (around your kids), Steven Tyler said "ass" twice on American Idol this week -- so lots of youngsters are already exposed.  :)  Have you gotten any jgwkia schwag?  Send a pic (hopefully clearer than Mike's) and I'll post it here.

I will kick its ass,



  1. Boo. You made me cry. You and that baby are both going to kick cancer's ass. XOXO

  2. Thanks for posting the picture. I wear it daily with pride at the elementary school.

    Working on some gigs...

    Fwiw, you need to include the page to link to your post:

    With love, Scott

  3. I'd call needing that page arg a bug. I changed my settings to show 500 comments per page so they all show up on one page for me, hence my URL didn't need it. Weird that it would produce a non-portable URL. I'll change it though. Thanks.

  4. John, a day after your SFDC reception at Sens, I had a little accident on my Segway. Broke my arm and had surgery on it last week. Stayed at home to recoup the rest of the week, and hoping to get the green light to get back to work when I see my Doc tomorrow. Not really a blog-worthy injury, but it is my own little medical drama.

    Be well!

  5. I have a lot of questions for God when we meet. JGWKIA (pronounced jug-WIK-ee-ahh)

  6. Nice!! Good to see your post on I'm glad I found that link. ;-)

    Fun to see Scotty! And Mike!
    Keep 'em comin'.


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