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Sit Down and Patch My Bones

Blogging Tunes: none.

Sitting here with my iPad at UCSF, resting after a bone marrow biopsy. Doesn't matter how much they "numb up" the area, this procedue is no fun. It's hard to describe what it feels like... when they get in there with the needle, it seems like they are sucking nerves right along with the marrow. The lidocaine(sp?) helps some, but you can't numb the inside of a bone.

There are some more detailed descriptions online:

Anyway, we'll get results a bit later today. I'm still hoping for some kind of miracle where I won't need the BMT. Hey, miracles happen!

Heather is coming to meet me for an early lunch and then she and I have some kind of a "Social Evaluation," back here on the 5th floor at noon.

Unless the pain from BMB incision is too much, I'm planning on heading into the office tomorrow. See many of you then or Thursday!




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