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I thought I was going to make it into the office today, but after a long day at UCSF yesterday (and a sore lower-back), I think a home day makes more sense.  I have a ton of work catch up to do (email, chatter, etc.) as well as some home things that have been piling up.  A nap is probably in the cards too.  My energy is returning from last week's chemo, but I'm still not 100%.  What is 100%, anyway?  The time I'll save from not having to commute will, of course, help with all this.

The BMT date is fast approaching and the "list of things to get done" isn't getting much shorter.  Hopefully we can nail a bunch of stuff today and tomorrow.  Thursday is definitely an "in the office" day, as I have a dentist appointment downtown and Benji has organized a "happy hour with jg" thing. Amazing how a simple thing like a dental cleaning can get put off for months and months when you're dealing with blood cancer.

Friday is another pretty full day at UCSF followed by a memorial for Bridget from the Kezar Pub (email me for info) and a sushi dinner with my good pal Rob M.  Would you believe I haven't eaten sushi since I was diagnosed back in November?  Definitely gotta hit Grandeho's once before the BMT.

On a fun note: Sunday, Floyd and I made our (seemingly weekly) morning trip to House of Bagels in San Rafael to get some bagels, lox, and whitefish salad.  So nice having a real bagel place half a mile from our place. When it's not raining, I can see us biking over there instead of driving.  The bagels are great, the whitefish salad is the real deal, and the lox is fantastic.  However, whoever made this sign clearly went to the Dan Quayle school of spelling:

We also took advantage of the rain and went to the BADM where Floyd had a blast playing at the sand table and listening to the Dead tunes that the hippie-worker-dude played over the stereo:

Lastly, I had a great conversation with "Dan," a guy who called me though the lls First Connection program.  I think he's the 4th or 5th person I've spoken with through this service -- it's really helpful to talk to people who have been through similar treatments so I can get a better idea of what's in store the next few months.  Thanks a bunch, Dan!

OK, that's the quick morning update.  Time to crank on some work.

I will kick its ass,



  1. Love House of Bagels. Rob ran out Sunday to get us bagels too. ;) Sorry he missed you. Good luck and let us know how we can help! Heather W

  2. Grandeho's?

    Sushi Bistro
    Or Koo happy hour really rocks.

    If it is your only sushi for a whole year...go somewhere exceptional.

    Yoku taberu!

  3. We've been going to Grandeho's for 11 years. Rob M. and I went there once a week (every Sunday) for about 3 years straight back in the day. It's not only about the sushi (which is killer) but it's about the people and the history. Not sure why people think Ebisu is better -- it's not.

    ミトスティック時間 (Mitosutikku Jikan)
    ミトスティック隠して (Mitosutikku Kakushite)
    ミトスティック取り出した, 時間 (Mitosutikku Toridashita, Jikan)
    ドド頭がShock (Do Do atama ga shock)
    ドド頭がShock (Do Do atama ga shock)

  4. Mebbe Tripp doesn't like Kamekyo b/c they serve phish.

  5. So.. does all this fish eating mean your taste buds are fully operational? Are these extra outpatient chemo rounds doing anything on that front?

    Really cool deal that you can talk to peeps who have been through what you're going through. Best stuff.

    Kirr its prace!

  6. I feel like my taste buds are at about 98% and have been since the consolidation round in Jan/Feb. Every now and then things just taste a little weird, but the for the most part, it's back. Too bad it's all going to hell in two weeks.

  7. Whitefish salad = OWLM!

    Grandeho = OOWWWWWLLLLMMM!!!!!!

    Eat all the uni for me. All of it. None for me. But... WHOLE THING!!!! I remember going there with you and Rob M shortly after you moved out there, then over to... Finnegan's Wake? With the cool T-shirts? And playing some pinball. Or maybe it was the other way around, I was kinda lit.

    Rock on, Johnnybyte.



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