May 31, 2024: jgwkia has moved to substack

JGWKIA (jg will kick its ass) has moved to substack. You can access (and subscribe to) it by clicking here.

The full URL to my substack is There will be no more new posts here, and eventually will point there, not here. Bye bye Blogger!

A Blessing for your head...

A hearty Mazel Tov! to my Nephew Justin on becoming a Bar Mitzvah. The service was wonderful and the Cantor was amazing. The Rabbi said a nice healing prayer for me as well, when my parents and I were called to the Bimah for the pre/post Torah blessings. Touching moment.

Floyd couldn't sit quiet/still (surprise, surprise) so Heather took him out to play with the iPad 10 minutes into the service. Fortunately they pipe the audio out into the lobby/concourse so Heather heard every word.

Today: visit with the Spike's (day) and Justin's party (night). Tomorrow: family brunch and fly home.

BMT news: Got the official word: I'm being admitted to UCSF on Tuesday at 9:30a. Let the games begin.



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  1. Sounds like a nice service. Glad you got to head back East before BMT.

    Woo! Tuesdeee...hh.hhhh... GOOD LUCK man! My thoughts continue to be with you. Healing vibes your way!

    GO GO GO!!!


  2. Right on, man - good travels, though only sorry we had you so close and yet so far. I'll be ramping up the reiki for you. When is it all going down?

    Keep up the KIA, man,



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