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Settle down easy

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So I got home Saturday and it's been quite the roller coaster.  ejsphilly was in town until Sunday -- great visit, homie! -- and then we tried to settle into our normal routine.

Of course, there is really no normal around here -- for anybody -- so everything is new once again.  What do I mean?  Well, ever since we moved to San Rafael, I've been in and out of the hospital so much that Floyd doesn't really have a normal.  Sometimes normal is that I'm home -- sometimes normal is that I'm not home.  For most kids, normal is that their daddy leaves in the morning and comes home at night.  Not for us.  So the adjustment's been a little tricky.

To make matter worse, everyone's been a little sick -- lots going around I guess.  Floyd's had a nasty cough for a while, Orion's nose was runing like a faucet, and even Heather was a little under the weather earlier in the week.  Not the best environment for me to come home to one day removed from neutropenia.  Fortunately, I was able to avoid catching anything... until yesterday, when the "little tickle" turned into a full-blown sore-throat.  My counts are way way up though (WBC at 18) so as long as I don't have a fever, I'm ok.  Still, sucks to have this bug on top of fully recovering from the chemo.

Also, as the locals know, it's been raining like crazy the last several days.  We've had crazy winds up here too.  I wonder if this is a North Bay thing, a San Rafael thing, or even an "our neighborhood" thing or whether it's been crazy-windy in the city.  Can SF folks enlighten me?  Our backyard, once again, looks like a war zone.  Our patio umbrella flew off the table to which it was attached and one of the glass planters shattered all over the ground.  Several branches broke off the trees too.  At least a whole tree didn't come down.  I think it's going to get nice this weekend, so maybe I'll get my chance to get my hands dirty out back and Floyd and I can play some wiffle-ball.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to be a complainy-pants... I'm totally psyched to be home -- I just wish I felt better and it was a bit nicer out.  I missed the majority of those two weeks of "65 and sunny," don't forget.

I've been working about 40% time and hope to up that to 60% starting next week.  It's so much nicer working at home: faster network, two monitors, more privacy, and there's so much to catch up on.

Still, I need to balance my time between work, resting/healing, family, and personal projects.  There's a lot to do before I go back into the hospital for the BMT (currently scheduled for Mid-March).  How'd you like to have your tax day come a month early. Mine is. I'm also shopping for a new bike (I think I found one) a beater car (where's my used Civic 4-door?) and trying to get a bunch of projects around the house done before I'm out of commission for a few months.

Heather and I did manage to get out for a nice monkey-versary lunch yesterday, but we're going to have to wait a little while to celebrate in style.  Our first night out this calendar year will be in early March when we go to see Trey in Oakland. Not sure how we'll get out before then, but maybe.

Now it's time for a nap.

I will kick it's ass,



  1. Shooooo.. Sorry you got the bug. Hope it's not too nasty -- good thing your counts are up. Sounds like round 3 chemo locked you in remission?

    Early happy B-day to TRUCK!!

  2. Groove Salad is just perfect sometimes. Boo! on that cold. Hope you get the Bug though in early March :)

    Much Love to you all,

  3. Bugs! Boo. The weather has also been weird here. Several hailstorms, and Wednesday night was very windy. Our neighbor's chimney blew over (pipe-type one) and the FD came. XOXO from Maisy and me.

  4. You don't get much sympathy around your weather (another four inches of snow here over the weekend), but the family cold thing sucks. Sorry I've been so outta the loop, it's been a tricky last couple of weeks. I'm expecting in newer entries you'll be doing even better - so catch you in another comment stream.

  5. WEather gets me sick also her. i can understand hate hailstorm... also my Patio Umbrellas flew off... weehh..


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