Light the Night

The San Francisco Light The Night Walk is on Thursday October 6, 2022. Please help me reach my fundraising goal so we can end blood cancer!

Rob brings keyboard!

Boredom solved :)

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  1. Hells yeah!!! Great to see Rob, too. What a guy.

  2. Just to test my ability to not "sweat the small stuff," middle-C has decided to just stop working. Meh.

  3. Good thing the song I'm currently learning has very few C and F chords. Oy.

  4. Monkey Boy to the rescue! Nice one, Rob, thanks for representin' the East Coast out there. Well, as much as you can be said to be a representative of the East Coast anymore, you've been out there longer than jg.

  5. Looking forward to seeing you on the "outside" soon. XOXO


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