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Blogging tunes: Howard Stern - 2/25/10 (Tracy Morgan is one funny muh-fuh)

Not that I get to experience it, save for the window, but the lovely weather continues out here.  Much cooler than the weekend -- now we have highs in the 60s, lows in the 40s -- but sunny and clear this week.  That probably means a week of rain when I get outta here, but I'll take that.  We need the rain, and there's still plenty to do around the house.  The cooler temps mean my room is more livable too.  Since I have south facing windows, it can get really hot.  On Sunday, even with the fan on and the door open, it had to be 80+ degrees in here.  No, the building doesn't have A/C (except for the operating rooms, etc.) -- this is San Francisco, there's no such thing as air conditioning here.

So when am I out?  We still don't know, but it could be as early as Friday, but more likely on Saturday or Sunday.  It all depends when my counts start to come back.  So far I've had two neupogen shots, but no positive movement in the counts yet.  We'll get the results from today's labs a bit later this morning.  The good news is that I'm past the nadir and I still feel pretty good.  If they do spring me early, I may have to give myself neupogen shots at home for a couple days.  Oy vey.

The other bit of good news is that, at my request, they let me disconnect from my TRANS PAL, the hardware that holds the IV machine. All they were giving me was about 3oz of water/saline per hour.  Um, I can drink water myself... and, I'm taking in more salt that I probably should, so what's the point?  My PICC is still in place, so the nurses can draw the daily labs, so this seemed like a no-brainer.  Now I can walk without being tethered to the friggin thing.  Makes it so much easier to just move around in general.  e.g. from my desk to the keyboard Rob brought, not to mention doing laps or riding the spinning bike.

One thing I didn't write about in my last entry is that Heather and Floyd came to visit on Saturday.  Since the 14th floor is a combination of Hem/Onc and General Medicine, kids are actually allowed on the floor -- wish I had known that earlier.  When I'm back in for the BMT, I'll be on 11 -- no kids -- no big screen.  Poop.  So Floyd, Heather, and I hung out in the Solarium, which is a lounge on the Northwest corner of the floor.  The view is absolutely spectacular.  Here are a couple pictures:

But pictures just don't cut it, so Heather made a little movie of the view.  Click below to play.

Just found out that my platelets are still down, so I'll be getting some more of those today.  That's fine, it's the WBC we're really needing to come up.  I guess I'll be hooked up to my PAL once again.

Other points of interest:

  • I'm learning My Friend My Friend (Phish) on the piano -- thanks to Nate for the chord chart.  The intro to this song is crazy with all these minMaj7 chords.  If you want the chart, lemme know, and I'll fwd it.
  • ejsphilly is boarding a plane tomorrow to come visit (and help with the kids) for a few days.  Hopefully, I'll get outta here Friday so I can spend some time with him.
  • Check out the making of the Chatter Super Bowl ad -- pretty cool!
  • I'm on Repulsor Level 9 in Osmos and haven't been able to complete it -- I'll try again tonight
Time to VPN in and get some work done.

Oh! I almost forgot... you know that project I was working on?  It's done and it's on its way (via snailmail) to a very special blog reader.  When it's delivered, I'll post about it here and include some pictures.  Stay tuned.

I will kick its ass,



  1. Be seeing you soon JG! Can't wait!

  2. Awesome to see your view in video form.. and what a view!! Very cool. :) Just catching up on your blog now.. Have been unburying myself after attending an interaction design conference.

  3. to my internet friend...I am so happy to read that your counts are good, n that it is so good to be home...can't wait to hear you post your music... and pics of great weather...i want you to be in the dreamforce fun run in august if they have one...i went eventhough i suffer from illness too and it made me a lot stronger. I really am indebted to the fact that i kept running and it make me have a healing crisis for the better..they don't care what the time is...just that you finish and do your work their..i am just a volunteer...

  4. mann i am hitting spell check next time...but there or their or make or made....insert where crack myself up...giggle...anyway to you and best of life to your family and kids...aloha


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